Question: need software for dvd-rom player
keith ward:  anyone there?
Chris:  Keith, I am here to help you with your computer/device issue.  
Please wait a moment while I search for your customer information.
Chris:  Here you go, this page should contain all the information you 
will need.  Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
Chris:  [Item sent - Installation References - DVD]
keith ward:  yes. my dvd rom is the pioneer dvd-114...
Chris:  I am having difficulty finding your customer information. Could 
you please repeat your client id and/or serial #.
keith ward:  and i need all the software and drivers for it, since i 
installed win2k on my desktop. the other dvd software was overwritten 
when i reformatted the hard drive
keith ward:  do you mean my computer's serial#?
Chris:  Without the serial number I may not be able to help you.  
keith ward:  you mean the computer's serial #, right? it's XXXXXXXXX.
Chris:  Thank you; please wait one minute, while I investigate your 
keith ward:  okay.
Chris:  I realize your time is valuable, please wait one minute while I 
research this further.
Chris:  Here you go, this page should contain all the information you 
will need.  Is there anything else I can assist you with today?
Chris:  [Item sent - Installation References - Video]
keith ward:  i don't think you're understanding me. i now have 
windows2000 as my OS, not 98. i did a clean install this afternoon. i need the 
software and drivers to make my dvd player work under 2000.
Chris:  Did you upgrade from Us?
keith ward:  no. i tried to do an upgrade myself, but when that didn't 
work, i put in my G---way system restore cd, which wouldn't work. then 
i just FDISKed the hard drive and started from scratch.
Chris:  We don't support it, that's all we have at the moment at our 
website. You may check the manufacturer website. 
keith ward:  don't support what? win2k?
Chris:  ========-
keith ward:  what was that?
keith ward:  hello?
Chris:  We only support software that were sold trough G---way. 
keith ward:  are you saying that you don't have win2k drivers for my 
dvd player?
keith ward:  if so, what exactly do you ship with your win2k systems 
that have pioneer dvd drives?
Chris:  They are not yet available, use the one I sent you .
Chris:  Thank you for using the G---way Trusted Guide Center.  You will 
receive a transcript of our chat via email.  Our chat session will now 
be closed.
[Chris - user has closed this session]

About the Author

Scott Bekker is editor in chief of Redmond Channel Partner magazine.


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