Veritas Launches SANPoint Direct SAN Solution

Veritas Software Corp. introduced Veritas SANPoint Direct file access, a new file access that utilizes Windows 2000 SAN environments. By allowing multiple servers to directly access data across the SAN, SANPoint Direct file access bypasses the bottlenecks associated with retrieving data over LANs.

SANPoint Direct file access outperforms traditional LAN-based solutions by executing data transfer operations directly between the application hosts and SAN-connected storage. Windows 2000 network administrators can now consolidate their storage on the SAN without fear of performance degradation when accessing data. By reducing the load on the server generated by each client, SANPoint Direct file access enables the server to service a larger number of clients.

SANPoint Direct file access runs on top of the Windows NT file system, and supports all Microsoft and industry standard protocols, allowing it to operate in any Windows 2000 environment without requiring custom design or application changes. It also supports Microsoft Cluster Server, which helps ensure the continuous availability of Windows 2000 data.

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