Fujitsu Unveils Dialect Conerter for ICOBOL

Fujitsu Software Corp. made available its Dialect Converter services for ICOBOL users. The Dialect Converter for ICOBOL integrates with the Fuuitsu COBOL compiler for Windows so that any necessary syntax conversions can be performed at compile time.

The Dialect Converter for ICOBOL can also be used to make the transition to developing solely in Fujitsu COBOL. ICOBOL sources are converted into Fujitsu COBOL compatible sources.

Because of the tight integration between the converter and the Fujitsu compiler, developers can continue to develop in ICOBOL syntax, but can compile their programs with both ICOBOL and Fujitsu COBOL compilers. Releases can continue to be made using ICOBOL until the parallel testing with Fujitsu COBOL has been completed.

The converter is offered with consulting services to ensure that migration projects are successful.

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About the Author

Scott Bekker is editor in chief of Redmond Channel Partner magazine.


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