Compaq First to be Certified for Datacenter Program

Compaq Computer Corp. has been designated as the first OEM to be certified by Microsoft Corp. to offer customers the Windows Datacenter Program. This initiative is a concerted effort by Microsoft to guarantee maximum systems performance from planning and design to deployment, management and support of the Windows 2000 Datacenter Server at a cost-effective rate.

Microsoft ( developed the program to ensure that all servers enabled to run the Datacenter Server undergo rigorous testing and configuration control. As changes occur, Compaq ( and other certified OEMs will deliver update releases to include drivers, service packs and hardware updates as needed by a particular enterprise.

"Compaq was one of the key companies working with us in the development of this program, so it's natural to see them be the first to be certified," said Michel Gambier, Group Product Manager, Windows 2000 Datacenter Server, at Microsoft. "I think you'll be seeing several more similar announcements very soon."

Gambier said Microsoft is on target for making the Datacenter Server available this summer. Since Compaq is now certified, Gambier said Compaq should be selling the server within a few weeks.

"The quality of this product has been the primary concern, not a particular release date," Gambier said. "The development of this program was most important in making sure that Datacenter is positioned to be operating at the most demanding levels of scale and availability."

A unique feature Compaq will offer under the program is its Availability Assessment Service, which will help customers focus on system availability as it suits their needs. The certified solutions presented by Compaq will include fixed configuration, increased stability, tuned performance and consistent rollout.

"The assessment service makes sure customers enter this enviroment with all the features they need - from training to setting up Datacenter to making sure of the little things," said Robin Hensley, Director of Compaq Datacenter Server. "We're talking about a new level of reliability with this program, about enterprise customers who can't afford failure."

Initial Compaq Datacenter configurations will be based on the ProLiant 8-way platform. Configurations for the ProLiant 32-way platform will be available later in the year. The Datacenter program will be available later in the year as well, after Microsoft’s release of the Datacenter Server.

In June, Compaq entered into a two-year agreement to OEM the Intel-based, 32-way platform developed by Unisys, the ES7000. The ProLiant version of the ES7000 includes several features unique to Compaq’s systems. Compaq also offers the Alpha Wildfire digital 32-way, Unix-based system.

"We're very dedicated to both programs," Hensley said. "We're providing customers the choice of two great products." - Ted Williams

About the Author

Scott Bekker is editor in chief of Redmond Channel Partner magazine.


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