Thursday, March 30: Special Chat on Train-the-Trainer, Cert. Tech. Trainer

On Thursday, March 30, at 6 p.m., join <I>MCP Magazine</I> and Office<I>Cert</I>.com for a special chat on the Certified Technical Trainer and Train-the-Trainer programs, with special guests Pat McBri

Because the Microsoft Certified Trainer title happens to be a popular one among MCP Magazine readers, we thought we'd let you know about a special chat on the Certified Technical Trainer Certification (CTT), being hosted by (MCP Mag's sibling online publication). Obtaining the CTT is one way to satisfy the MOUS Authorized Instructor program requirement; the other way is to take a Train-the-Trainer course, which also happens to be an MCT requirement. Both the CTT and Train-the-Trainer programs will be part of the chat discussion headed by guests Patrick McBrien, Director of Workshops and Instructors, and Margaret Burniston, Director of Marketing, at Friesen, Kaye and Associates.

The chat takes place in the #OfficeCert room this Thursday, March 30, from 6-7 p.m. Pacific (Los Angeles) time (to figure out the time difference for your location, go to href="

You can join the chat by going to MCP Magazine's chat page at, clicking on the Enter Room button in the Public Chat section, then switching to the #OfficeCert room. Or, make your chat life less complicated by going to the OfficeCert chat page at, which will take you directly into the chat room you want (Microsoft Chat users can log onto and then choose #OfficeCert from the Room List).

A few notes about Pat McBrien and FKA: Pat's extensive training experience spans over 25 years encompassing design, development, delivery, and administration of training programs. In his current role as the Director of Workshops, Pat oversees FKA instructors who deliver thousands of workshops each year. As lead developer for FKA's CTT Exam Simulator and FKA's CTT workshops, Pat has extensive hands-on experience with the CTT requirements.

Friesen, Kaye and Associates ( has specialized for over 34 years in Training and Performance Improvement, offering train-the-trainer workshops, comprehensive consulting services, and software tools for trainers. A committee member of the Certified Technical Trainer (CTT) Program, FKA helped determine the scope, content and specifications of the CTT examinations. FKA's Instructional Techniques Workshop is a cornerstone for instructional certification for organizations such as Microsoft, Autodesk, and Oracle.


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