ADIC Ships Tape Library with NAS Connectivity Features

Redmond, Wash. -- Advanced Digital Information Corp. (ADIC, today released what the company claims is the first tape storage platform to ship with network attached storage (NAS) connectivity capabilities.

The Scalar 100 is designed to support the emerging storage and networking architectures with configurable plug-in modules for NAS, storage area networking (SAN) and SCSI connectivity.

According to ADIC, the goal in designing this platform was adjust the library architecture in order to meet changing storage requirements.

Installation of the company’s StorNext network attach library option, for instance, converts the Scalar 100 into a NAS tape library.

As a network-attached library, the Scalar 100 allows heterogeneous network clients to connect directly to the library, thus eliminating the need for a separate server.

Other tape libraries on the market can be used as NAS devices. Some libraries, for example, can be attached to a LAN via Ethernet, and libraries can be treated as disc on a LAN or WAN. In the case of these systems, the libraries are attached to networks mostly to enhance management.

ADIC’s Scalar 100, however, is designed to attach to the network and function as a data repository. The library ships with ADIC’s proprietary intelligence technology, which includes a server OS and built-in caching capability.

"We are offering network attached storage that provides end users with near-line data access and the archiving of data," says Bryce Hein, product marketing manager at ADIC.

ADIC’s Scalar 100 also features a drive-independent design that Hein claims allows it to support DLT tape and AIT formats, Quantam Corp.’s SuperDLT, and the new LTO Ultrium format that is currently being developed by Hewlett-Packard Co., IBM Corp. and Seagate Technology Inc.

In its DLTtape configuration, the Scalar 100 houses up to 6 drives and 60 data cartridges, for a capacity of 4.8 TB, in 14 units of standard rack space.

The next generation of the Scalar 100 series, which is slated to ship in January, will include an integrated Web server that enables management of the library over the Internet, according to Hein. - Thomas Sullivan

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Scott Bekker is editor in chief of Redmond Channel Partner magazine.


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