Legato Releases Storage Management for SQL Server 7

Legato Systems Inc. (Palo Alto, Calif., today announced the availability of its second-generation storage management solution for the new Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 database management system.

Legato NetWorker BusinesSuite Module 2.0 for Microsoft SQL Server is designed to provide high-performance, online, "hot" backup and recovery for business-critical Microsoft SQL Server databases. Through the use of key elements of Microsoft's BackOffice architecture, Legato NetWorker BusinesSuite Module 2.0 for Microsoft SQL Server provides database administrators with database-aware storage management services integrated with Legato NetWorker.

Key features of Legato NetWorker BusinesSuite Module 2.0 for Microsoft SQL Server include: full, differential, transaction log, file, and filegroup backup and recovery; support for the Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 Virtual Device Interface (VDI) for higher speed backup/recovery; high-performance parallel device support; point-in-time restore; very large database (VLDB) support using Legato NetWorker Power Edition's immediate save and restore technology; and, Intel and Alpha Processor support. It is also Y2K compliant and carries the "Designed for BackOffice" logo.

Legato worked closely with the Microsoft SQL Server product group to provide a complete enterprise-class Microsoft SQL Server backup and recovery solution. Legato NetWorker BusinesSuite Module 2.0 for Microsoft SQL Server ships as part of Legato's enterprise storage management architecture (ESMA). ESMA provides storage management scalability by addressing customer requirements for manageability, availability, and performance across an organization's storage network, ranging from campus environments to entire global networks.

Microsoft Corp., Compaq Computer Corp. and Legato Systems have joined forces to demonstrate that backing up and restoring very large Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 databases can be accomplished at the high data rates required in business-critical applications, with minimal disruption to productive use of the database. Backups of 428 gigabytes per hour, and restores of 249 Gigabytes per hour were achieved on a Compaq AlphaServer 8400 configured Compaq AIT tape drives. For additional details on this benchmark, refer to the whitepaper, "Benchmark: High Performance Online Database Backup for Very Large Databases," which will be available within 30 days at or

"Data General was one of the first system vendors to resell Legato NetWorker software," said Linda Mentzer, vice president, AviiON Marketing. "The new revision of the Legato NetWorker backup and recovery solution complements our AViiON Windows NT servers, and CLARiiON full Fibre Channel storage subsystems, to provide 7x24 support for mission-critical applications based on Microsoft SQL Server 7.0."

Legato NetWorker is used by Microsoft to protect more than one terabyte of data at the Microsoft Network (MSN). Microsoft selected Legato's products, with enhancements provided by Compaq, to back up Microsoft TerraServer database, the world's largest SQL Server 7.0 database on the Web. For additional information about Microsoft TerraServer, see the Microsoft TerraServer Web site at

For additional information about Legato NetWorker BusinesSuite Module 2.0 for Microsoft SQL Server, see and --Brian Ploskina, Assistant Editor

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