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Doug's Mailbag: Windows 8 Backup

Readers react to the news of the new backup procedure in Windows 8:

My laptop is my living and backup is critical. I like the sound of this and it sounds like it is something leveraged off VSC. I've use all sorts of different back up programs (including the old NTBackup) and having something that will backup files I have created would be great. Keen to find out more about it.

It actually sounds very cool, although a bit like Mac OSX's Time Machine. At least unlike Mac, it ignores the operating system to get your backups correct and efficient. I like it even though I see no need for Windows 8 in my primary line of work: Civil Engineering and Architecture. Somehow CADD on a touchpad seems useless without a stylus or mouse.

This sounds like Volume Shadow Copy (which has been around since Win XP when connected to a Server 2003 network). For home users, I think the biggest reason for low backup rates is the question of where to store the backups. Not everyone has a spare hard disk or external disk, and CD/DVD backup is slow, flaky and inadequate to store multi-GB file collections -- not to mention installed software with all necessary patches and customizations.

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Posted by Doug Barney on 07/27/2012 at 1:19 PM


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