October Reader Letters: Apology Not Quite Accepted

A reader takes issue with Mary Jo Foley calling Microsoft's recent .NET developer attitude as an apology to the community.

September Reader Letters: IT Pros Fight Back

Readers share their thoughts on the changing IT landscape, the return of Microsoft's Windows Start button, administrator headaches and more.

Reader Letters January 2013

In her December 2012 column ("The Next Big Thing for Microsoft"), Mary Jo Foley wrote about "the new Office" -- new versions of the Microsoft productivity suite that are subscription- and cloud-based. A reader reacts to this vision of Microsoft's future.

Reader Letters December 2012

Positive or Negative Outlook?

Reader Letters, Nov. 2012: Perils of Self-Service VMs

Readers weigh in on a recent article on VM self-service.

October Reader Letters: Security Slipup

Is the cloud the next step to propel security to the future? Readers chime in with their thoughts.

September Reader Letters: High Hopes for Surface Tablet Devices

Will Microsoft's Windows 8 Surface tablet sink or float? Here's what readers think.

August Reader Letters: Phoning It In

In his July column, "Time to Dump the BlackBerry," Redmond Editor in Chief Doug Barney asked readers: "Should I be a Redmond loyalist and go with Windows Phone, or bow before the Cupertino gods?" Here are some of their suggestions.

July Reader Letters: Server Success with WS-MAN

Readers respond to a recent IT Decision Maker Blog post, "Windows Server 2012: IT Pros Will Need WS-MAN Remoting Skills (and Not Just for PowerShell)."

June Reader Letters: Mac vs. PC

Redmond readers chime in on why a Windows Admin might want to use a Mac and more.

March Reader Letters: Goodbye to the GUI

Readers respond to a recent column by Don Jones showing that the Windows Server GUI is going to be downplayed (if not eventually non-existent) in future editions.

January 2012 Letters: Security Concerns

Your take on IT security and other issues.

January Reader Letters: To Upgrade or Not To Upgrade?

Readers write in with feedback on recent articles.

December 2011 Reader Letters: Certification Value?

Readers discuss Microsoft certification, the future of Windows PowerShell and more.

Readers' Letters: November 2011

Readers weigh in on the hot topics from the last issue.

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