Microsoft: 'A Sinking Ship'

Readers ponder the reason behind Microsoft's general malaise. Plus, is print dead or alive?

Moving up in the World

Readers recount their tales of Windows 7 migration.

Happy Birthday, Redmond!

Some congratulations are in order. Plus, readers compare different versions of Windows 7.

R.I.P. Journalism

Readers ponder the problems of old-school news media -- and how to fix them.

XP Is Still King

Readers share their thoughts on why XP hasn't gone gently into that good night. Plus, what can journalism do to save itself?

Suggestions for the 'Spam King'

Readers offer their advice for Doug's father, who inadvertently ran afoul of AOL's strange spam policies.

Struggling with IE8

Readers grapple with the new browser's learning curve. Plus, thoughts on Microsoft and impartiality, and a YouTube content dilemma.

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Readers on XP's support deadline, Vista's charms and more.

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More on Vista Capable

Readers on Microsoft's sticker lawsuit, suggestions for Microsoft's mobile business, and more.

Where's Apple's x64?

Plus, readers share their thoughts on Microsoft's monolopy, Vista and pet peeves.

Playing Catch-Up

One reader thinks it's worth it to give Vista a little more time. Plus, readers tell us about their technology pet peeves.

Not at Home with Windows Home Server

Plus, readers weigh in on our list of 2008's hottest certifications.

Linux: Pluses...and Minuses

Readers weigh in on Linux and Windows Mobile.

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Readers chime in on the rise of online news outlets and what that means for print.