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This month, readers chime in on Microsoft and open source, and sound off about the Office UI.

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This month, readers question the extent of Microsoft's innovation, wonder why more people use Google over Yahoo, and more.

[email protected]: Feb. 2007

This month, readers add to our list of free tools, and weigh in on virtual licensing and more.

[email protected]: Jan. 2007

This month, readers weigh in on Vista, life as an IT consultant and the magic of the Unix "file" command.

[email protected]: Dec. 2006

This month, readers size up Microsoft Dynamics and Virtual PC. Plus, is the world ready for President Gates? Some readers aren't so sure.

[email protected]: Nov. 2006

This month, readers take issue with our use of bikers to depict "IT Gone Bad." Plus, is Microsoft taking unfair advantage by jumping into the security market, or just doing its job?

[email protected]: October 2006

Is the Redmond staff just a bunch of crybabies? One reader thinks so. Plus feedback on Microsoft's appetitie for competitors and more 3Com switch woes.

[email protected]: September 2006

Visual Studio 2005, Microsoft and self-criticism, basic security measures and mobile productivity.

[email protected]: August 2006

Readers give their impressions of Microsoft's "digital work style."

[email protected]: July 2006

Politics and IT, eliminating spyware, password security and global warming.

[email protected]: June 2006

Extreme computing, beta testing, password tips, Microsoft Live and more.

[email protected]: May 2006

Windows alternatives, Vista beta testing, and more.

[email protected]: April 2006

No life without Microsoft, Microsoft's hardware upgrade and Web services campaigns, and InfoPath.

[email protected]: March 2006

Fighting software audits, Camtasia Studio, fatter clients and a reader's defense of Google.

[email protected]: February 2006

Which is it: mirroring or clustering? Plus, readers sound off on the future of FoxPro.