Readers Respond: January 2006

Software religion and its zealots, and Microsoft's diverse but sometimes overlapping products.

Readers Respond: December 2005

More creative server names; help found in securing IE; more people switching to Macs; and the question is posed as to whether Microsoft is in any need of defensive posturing.

Readers Respond November 2005

Suffering from PMS, Smokey Visions Everywhere and BSD=Best ROI?

Readers Respond October 2005

New-found respect, the possibility of buying a Mac and a DMZ question for Security Advisor columnist Joern Wettern.

Readers Respond: September 2005

Linux is on the loose with the Redmond audience; Argent writes in to clear up details about its product.

Readers Respond: August 2005

Linux in a <i>Redmond</i> book; impressive Q&As and a reader who disagreed with our Security Advisor's opinion about DMZs.

Readers Respond July 2005

Readers discuss 64-bit, desktop Linux and our new security columnist, Joern Wettern.

Readers Respond June 2005

Agreement, appreciation and clarification -- readers remark on past issues.

Readers Respond May 2005

Ira Winkler's "Dumb and Dumber" article struck many a funny bone; positive and negative words for Sun's Scott McNealy; and some of you <i>do </i>read Doug Barney's Chief Concerns column.

Readers Respond April 2005

Doug Barney's Redmond Report Weekly e-newsletter causes quite a stir, plus: readers question how we select the products included in each month's Redmond Roundup.

Readers Respond March 2005

Your take on Bad Product Names, SP2, our Redmond Report newsletter and more.

Readers Respond February 2005

Readers comment on January's Chief Concerns and Windows Insider columns.

Readers Respond January 2005

Readers sound off on password security, remote scripting and bargaining with Microsoft.

Readers Respond December 2004

Reader's sound off on Microsoft's Software Assurance program, product coverage and what others had to say about the Salary Survey.

Readers Respond November 2004

Readers respond to the new </i>Redmond<i></i> name, about dumping IE and more.