Survey Shows More Than 40 Percent Using Open Source

Nearly 43 percent of more than 600 IT and business professionals from various industries are already using open source software, according to a 2007 Open Source Software Survey conducted by Actuate Corp.

UPDATED: Microsoft To Make Changes to Vista Search

Microsoft has agreed to make changes to its search capabilities in Windows Vista, in response to federal anti-competitive charges leveled by Google. The changes will be part of Vista's service pack 1, which Microsoft said it hopes to have ready by the "end of the year."

Silverlight To Run On Linux This Week

Novell later this week will demonstrate Microsoft’s Silverlight 1.1 browser plug-in running on Linux.

No IP Protection Deals for Ubuntu Linux

Some Linux vendors haven't been as quick to secure deals with Microsoft that protect them from legal action relating to claims that open source software violates Microsoft patents.

Microsoft Softens Tone in File Standards Fight

Two senior Microsoft executives on a media tour touting what they say are the company's good-faith efforts to work with competitors and the open source community released an "open letter" on Friday, calling for more choice and flexibility in standard file formats.

Making Users and Administrators Happy

Pleasing both camps can be a complicated task in itself. Here are a few tips that might help.

Linux Patent Protection Deals Piling Up

Another company has agreed to Microsoft's Linux IP amnesty program, adding to the rapidly growing list of open source vendors seeking protection against possible legal action from Redmond.

Researchers: Safari for Windows Very Buggy

The biggest news Apple Inc. made yesterday at the opening of its Worldwide Developers Conference was its announcement that it had ported its Safari Web browser to Windows. CEO Steve Jobs called the beta of Safari 3 "the most innovative browser in the world, and the fastest browser on Windows." He could have added "the most insecure browser on Windows" to that list of superlatives.

Apple Extends Web Browser to Windows

Apple launched a version of Safari for Windows-based PCs, pitting it against Internet Explorer and Firefox.

OS X Upgrade, IPhone May Boost Mac Sales

Apple Inc.'s computer business may seem like it's taken a back seat lately to its flashy younger siblings, the iPod and iPhone, but Macs are still a key part of the family. Apple CEO Steve Jobs is expected to use his speech at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday to highlight the upcoming release of Mac OS X, showing that Apple remains a computer company even after dropping "Computer" from its name in January.

Another Patent Protection Deal for Microsoft

Microsoft continues to push forward its program granting amnesty to potential patent violators, this time inking South Korea's LG Electronics (LGE) to a deal.

Microsoft Makes Another Linux IP Protection Deal

Microsoft continues to collect Linux development and distribution companies under its promise not to sue them for patent infringement. Following on the controversial recent deal with Novell, the company announced Monday at its TechEd conference in Orlando that it has reached a similar agreement with Xandros Inc.

Taking in Orphanware: Please, Sir, May I Have Some More?

Taking in orphanware can be frustrating, but there are steps you can take for its proper care and feeding.

Compliance vs. Compatibility

After all the hard lessons it learned from IE, which one will Microsoft pick?

Take No Prisoners

When it comes to Microsoft's take-charge philosophy, how aggressive is too aggressive?

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