Spring Web Services 1.0 Released

Java programmers who like the open source Spring Framework can develop applications for Web services using the newly released Spring Web Services 1.0 stack.

Judge's Ruling Signals 'Game Over' for SCO

The Utah federal court judge's ruling on August 10 -- that SuSE Linux distributor Novell does, in fact, own the copyrights to the UNIX operating system -- signals a major legal blow for The SCO Group. It ends a nearly-five-year-old legal campaign that sowed fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) among Linux users and developers.

Longtime Rivals IBM, Sun To Collaborate

Two longtime rivals in computing, IBM Corp. and Sun Microsystems Inc., plan to cooperate on some server technologies, a move that could put pressure on their joint competitor Hewlett-Packard Co.

OpenSolaris: Murdock Speaks on Project Indiana

Those who suggest that Sun Microsystems' Project Indiana is about making the Solaris operating system more Linux-like are missing the point, said Ian Murdock, Sun's chief OS platform strategist. Headlines such as "Sun Hopes for Linux-like Solaris" and "Sun OpenSolaris To Become More Linux-like," drive him crazy.

Virtualization Rules the Day at LinuxWorld

Another LinuxWorld San Francisco has come and gone. The event combined LinuxWorld with the inaugural Next Generation Data Center show, drawing an estimated 11,000 attendees last week.

Mass. Approves Microsoft Office Document Format

In a victory for Microsoft's open source efforts, Massachusetts has decided to accept Microsoft's Office file format as sufficiently open to allow it to compete with other office productivity suites.

Linux: Ready for Prime Time?

The jury is out on whether smaller shops can actually work with open source operating systems.

Massachusetts Accepts Microsoft's OOXML

The state reverses its position on supporting Microsoft's document format.

Microsoft Reaches Out to OSS With Web Site

Microsoft: friend of open source software (OSS)? That's what a new Web site from the world's largest proprietary software company would have you believe.

Microsoft Rejects Latest Open Source License

The Microsoft-Novell Linux alliance may have gotten shakier, with Microsoft saying it doesn't recognize the latest version of the standard license for open source software (OSS).

Moonlight in Paris

In a move that could broaden the appeal of Microsoft's new Silverlight rich Internet application plug-in to both the .NET and open source communities, a group of developers has demonstrated Silverlight-based multimedia running on a Linux-based system.

Linux Gains Windows Muscle

Based on Microsoft's model, the open source world evolves its stacks strategy.

UPDATED: Vista Desktop Search Fight Gets Uglier

The Microsoft-Google spitting match over desktop search is getting wetter every day, with Google now claiming that Microsoft's remedies don't go far enough, and Microsoft arguing that Google has a bad case of sour grapes.

Terracotta Adds to IBM WebSphere Support

Terracotta has bolstered its clustering infrastructure software for Java applications. The company issued an announcement that its Terracotta 2.4 solution, released in May of this year, now supports IBM's WebSphere Application Server Community Edition (CE), which is an open source enterprise server solution.

Judge Sides With Microsoft in Vista Search Complaint

A federal judge has sided with Microsoft in Google's most recent complaint that Microsoft remedies to open Vista search up to competitors don't go far enough.

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