Analysts: Apple Luster Still Strong

With iPod sales still soaring, Apple Inc. reaped record profit during the holiday quarter and stands to remain a Wall Street darling despite issuing a second-quarter forecast that fell below analyst expectations.

Apple Reports Record 1Q Profit

Apple Inc. on Wednesday posted a record profit in its fiscal first quarter, beating Wall Street estimates as earnings rose 78 percent amid strong holiday sales of its iPod music players and Macintosh computers.

Sun Microsystems Courts Startups Once Again

In the late 1990s, Sun Microsystems Inc. promoted itself as "the dot in dot-com" -- a strategy that proved painful when the technology bubble burst.

Universal Version of Mac Office Coming

Microsoft plans to deliver a "universal" version of Office for the Mac in the second half of this year, the company announced Tuesday at Apple's Macworld Conference in San Francisco.

Microsoft and Ford To Get in Synch

This weekend Microsoft will reportedly announce a deal with automaker Ford Motor Company to get in "Synch."

Open Relay Database Ceases As Spammers Evolve

The Open Relay Database, a tool e-mail service providers used for years to help curb the spread of spam, is ceasing operations, a death partly attributable to its own success.

New-Gen SharePoint, Exchange Exams Go Beta

The Microsoft Learning Group plans to take no time off during the holidays, with work continuing this week on beta testing for several exams.

Linux Deal: Too Good to Last?

Microsoft-Novell reach pact, then come to blows.

Free Software Group Opens 'Bad Vista' Site

The Free Software Foundation isn’t going to take it lying down -- Windows Vista, that is.

A New Meaning for CIO?

Emmett won't be surprised if the "I" in CIO soon stands for integration instead of information.

IBM, Schools Pursue Open-Source Research

IBM Corp., which has been a big backer of open-source software, is working with seven universities on new computing research projects whose fruits would be widely shared rather than held as intellectual property.

Next Rev of Firefox Already in Alpha

Firefox 2.0 has been out for less than two months but developers have already released alpha code for the next major version.

Novell's OpenOffice to Deliver Office 2007 Compatibility

Novell Inc. announced this week that its edition of the office productivity suite will offer support for Microsoft's Office Open XML format by the time the consumer release of Office 2007 ships at the end of January.

Pioneer's Prerogative: Dan Bricklin

Father of the spreadsheet, Dan Bricklin, talks about Microsoft, open source and his latest venture.

Google Advances Free Software in Education

Google Inc., a company synonymous with searching the Internet, hopes to define far more of the world's computing experience with a helping hand from schoolchildren.

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