Top 10 Microsoft IT Headlines of 2021: PrintNightmare Becomes a Reality

Even during a year where Microsoft dropped a new OS, security issues, highlighted by the "PrintNightmare" spooler vulnerability, dominated the conversation.

10. Windows Server 2022 Announced at General Availability (Sept. 9 )
Windows Server 2022 was announced by Microsoft as reaching the "general availability" (GA) stage, meaning it's deemed ready for deployment in production environments. [Read here]

9. Microsoft's June Windows Print Spool Patch Doesn't Block Remote Code Execution Attacks (June 30 )
An "Important"-rated Windows print spool vulnerability (CVE-2021-1675), addressed by Microsoft via its June 8 security patch bundle, has emerged more recently as being subject to active attacks. [Read here]

8. Internet Explorer 11 Support Ending Next Year on Windows 10 (May 24 )
Microsoft announced that its Internet Explorer 11 desktop browser will be "retired" next year for certain Windows 10 versions. [Read here]

7. Microsoft Issues Hafnium Security Fixes that Don't Require Latest Exchange Server Cumulative Updates (March 9)
Microsoft's Exchange team announced additional help for organizations having trouble trying to patch Exchange Server products quickly in response to the Hafnium attacks. [Read here]

6. Microsoft Releases Windows Server 2022 Preview (March 4)
Microsoft announced during its Ignite event that Window Server 2022 is currently available at the preview stage. [Read here]

5. 'Millions' of Dell Windows PCs Contain 'Critical' Driver Vulnerability (May 5)
Dell issued a support article describing a "Critical" vulnerability in the Dell dbutil driver affecting most Windows-based Dell computer users. [Read here]

4. Microsoft Issues Out-of-Band 'PrintNightmare' Windows Print Spooler Patch (July 7)
Microsoft announced the release of an "out-of-band" fix for a Windows print spooler vulnerability dubbed "PrintNightmare." [Read here]

3. Microsoft Releases Out-of-Band Security Patches for Exchange Server (March 2)
Microsoft released out-of-band security patches for Exchange Server to address multiple zero-day flaws that are currently being exploited in active attacks. [Read here]

2. Microsoft Outlines Windows Server 2022 Coming Features and Editions (June 25)
Microsoft offered more information about its coming Windows Server 2022 product. [Read here]

1. Microsoft Clarifies Its 'PrintNightmare' Patch Advice (July 9)
Microsoft issued "clarified guidance" for organizations addressing a zero-day Windows printer spooler vulnerability dubbed "PrintNightmare.". [Read here]


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