Freebie Friday 11/18: Complete Disk Backup, Save Some Power in Windows Units

Welcome to another edition of Freebie Friday, the feature highlighting some of the best products for PCs (from software to ebooks) that won't cost you a cent. After checking out this week's batch, send us your suggestions for products that should be included to future editions at [email protected].

  • DriveImage XML - This free program allows you to image an entire hard drive for backup purposes, even letting you copy directly from one drive to another. It also includes a single-button click to store the image directly to writable media.

  • Granola - This free utility (for up to five users) activates additional power-saving options for Windows, including voltage settings. It will also track how much energy you are saving as it runs.

  • TCP/IP Fundamentals for Microsoft Windows - This free ebook, courtesy of Microsoft, will give you a breakdown of basic concepts of Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) protocol suite.

  • PaperCut Print Logger - Cut down on excessive printing and paper waste with this free program. It allows you to track who printed what and gives you the opportunity to assign a specific amount of printing credits to users.

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