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  • 25 Ways to Restore from Office 365

    These are the 25 unique ways to restore Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business and Microsoft Teams data!

  • Top 5 Cloud Mobility Considerations for a Data Protection Strategy

    Read this white paper to understand why workload mobility in the cloud is essential to your data management and protection strategy. Read more.

  • 2019 Cloud Data Management Report

    Over 1,500 business and IT leaders shared their approach to data management and its role in business transformation in the 2019 Veeam® Cloud Data Management report. Findings in this report show that organizations need to assess practices that are creating critical issues. Learn more.

  • Object Storage As Part of Your Hybrid Cloud Protection Strategy

    A Pathfinder paper navigates decision-makers through the issues surrounding a specific technology or business case, explores the business value of adoption, and recommends the range of considerations and concrete next steps in the decision-making process. Learn more.

  • Are You Getting What You Deserve From Your Office 365 Partner?

    If you use Office 365, you have to buy it from a Microsoft partner. But partners' offerings aren't all the same. Find out how much more some partners provide their customers for the same subscription price.

  • Data Protection for Your Data Fabric

    Whether your data lives on-premises, in the cloud or at the edge, NetApp and Veeam® can ensure it’s always protected and available at the right service level for backup, disaster recovery, business continuity and long-term retention. And since data is dynamic, you will always be sure it is safe and secure over its lifecycle as it moves across the data fabric.

  • IDC Research Paper: The business value of using NetApp and Veeam to reduce data-related risks

    Read this new IDC research paper to learn how joint Veeam and NetApp solutions mitigate risk, enhance availability, reduce IT complexity and lower costs.

  • Storage Swiss: A 4-Tier Approach to Modern Data Protection

    Organizations are demanding much more from the data protection process. The demands come down to recovering faster and retaining data longer. Learn how NetApp and Veeam can deliver a complete, modern data protection storage platform with data tiering capabilities through an integrated storage and software solution.

  • Redmond Intelligence: Exchange & SharePoint 2019 Migration Plans: Microsoft Office 365 Changes Things

    This report was prepared by Redmond Intelligence,'s market and technology research unit. Download the report (normally $199) for free now!

  • Modernize, Simplify and Transform IT with Solutions from Pure Storage and Veeam

    IT teams are under extreme pressure to modernize their data centers to support dramatic data growth, cloud computing and business-critical initiatives like Digital Transformation. Today’s data centers must be built for speed, simplicity and reliability. The good news is that there’s a solution to these challenges. Read this TechTarget paper to learn what it takes to manage and protect your data on all-flash systems and the value of the Pure Storage/Veeam® joint solution in empowering IT teams to meet their key IT modernization goals.

  • Protecting mission critical data with backup and replication from Pure Storage and Veeam

    The purpose of this white paper is to showcase the ease of integration, best practices and expected performance results for data backup and restore using Pure Storage FlashArray, Veeam® Backup & Replication 9.5™ and Pure Storage FlashBlade data solutions using realistic, real-world examples.

  • Solution Brief: Veeam & Cisco deliver Availability for all applications & data

    Cisco and Veeam® deliver solutions to secure, back up and recover your data wherever it resides. By combining Cisco Data Center products and Veeam solutions, customers eliminate data loss and slow data recovery, helping to minimize risk, decrease downtime and easily adapt to business changes to meet the most stringent recovery objectives. See all the benefits and use cases in this updated solution brief.

  • Next-Gen Hyper-Convergence Meets Next-Gen Data Protection

    This paper describes why enterprises need HCI platforms that are integrated with tools that support reliable backup and recovery for highly virtual environments, while putting a premium on data Availability. That's exactly what Veeam® and Cisco deliver with the combination of Cisco HyperFlex and Veeam Availability Suite™, a solution purpose-built for a virtual world.

  • Enabling Hyper-Availability in Hybrid IT

    Data availability is a business issue, not just an IT issue. In fact, a recent report by ESG shows more than 80% of organizations say they are unable to manage today’s data explosion. With the right hybrid IT solution, IT teams can focus on data more strategically while boosting business continuity.

  • How to Meet the Data Protection Challenges of the All-Flash Data Center

    A transformation is underway in data centers around the globe as organizations transition from legacy storage solutions to all-flash storage arrays. All-flash provides significant benefits for businesses, such as greater capacity, scalability and predictable high performance. But the move to all-flash data centers does not come without some challenges and an element of increased risk of data loss.

  • Extract the most value from Hybrid IT with HPE and Veeam

    As more organizations turn to Hybrid IT infrastructures to drive their digital transformation efforts, data Availability becomes a business issue, not just an IT issue. With today’s 24.7.365 data and application needs, finding the right solution for the data-driven enterprise can be difficult. Most organizations are unable to manage and maintain data recovery and backup needs that are driving up operational costs.

  • Is Your Data Center Protection Strategy Putting Your Business at Risk? Five Misperceptions You Want to Avoid

    Artificial Intelligence. Big Data Analytics. Internet of Things. Chances are your company has invested a lot of resources in recent years transforming to a data-centric organization. You’re not alone: in a survey of global IT leaders, 77% told Frost & Sullivan that investments in data analytics are critical to their business’s digital transformation success over the next 5 years; and 47% said investments in Big Data and Analytics are more important than other technologies. Overall, less than 1% of businesses reported not having some sort of digital transformation strategy; and less than 20% report being behind their industry peers in implementing a digital transformation. But how are you protecting the growing data pools that fuel your business? Have you collaborated with your Chief Security Information Officer or Compliance Officer on a data protection plan that extends across your critical applications? Or are you relying on your cloud service provider or storage solution to provide the protection you need?

  • Optimize data protection in HCI environments

    The Veeam® + Lenovo solution simplifies IT, lowers costs, reduces risk and increases business agility by leveraging Veeam’s integration with Lenovo HX hyperconverged infrastructure.

  • Best Practices: Nutanix & Veeam Backup & Replication for AHV, vSphere & Hyper-V

    This high-level best practices guide covers Veeam® Backup & Replication™ 9.5 with Nutanix using VMware vSphere 5.5 through 6.7, Microsoft Hyper-V 2012 R2 and 2016, and AHV.

  • 5 Key Factors for HCI Data Protection

    This white paper specifically focuses on how Veeam aims to create business value for enterprise customers by ensuring the "data protection, data recoverability, data availability, and data management" — to use Veeam's own words — within hyperconverged infrastructure.