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  • The Definitive Framework for Application Rationalization

    To optimize technology operating costs and free-up funds to drive innovation, it’s critical for IT organizations to identify waste and eliminate it. A good place to start is often in the application portfolio, where it’s commonplace to have redundant apps which overlap in function and deliver minimal to no business value. Learn more!

  • Responsible Password Protection By Securing Passwords in Active Directory

    Securing Passwords in Active Directory. Industry analyst firm, Enterprise Management Associates, outlines the evolving requirements for password protection, best practices for preventing password vulnerabilities, and how organizations can enable responsible password security.

  • Automate Password Policy Enforcement & NIST Password Guidelines

    Enable password policy enforcement and daily exposed password screening. With fully automated weak password filtering, password similarity blocking, and a custom password dictionary; organizations can adopt NIST password guidelines and secure passwords in Active Directory.

  • 6 Best Practices for Strategic IT Finance

    Download this guide for six best practices to help you overcome your greatest IT finance challenges. Discover how to better align IT plans to changing business priorities and more! Get the guide!

  • The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Executing Rolling IT Forecasts

    Download this cheat sheet to find out how to accurately forecast future IT spend and how to avoid the five reasons rolling forecasts fail. Get the cheat sheet now!

  • Hiding in Plain Sight: How to Fund Innovation Using Money You Already Have

    CIOs are under constant pressure to deliver innovation and efficiency, and at a lower cost to boot. Fortunately, when it comes to enterprise IT spend, chances are the necessary resources to drive improvements are already there, hidden in budget padding. All you need are the right tools to identify and exploit them. Learn more.

  • 6 Best Practices for Optimizing IT Investment to Fuel Innovation

    Optimizing technology investment isn’t about cutting costs — it’s about investing the right amount necessary to deliver the value required by the business, while at the same time looking for low-risk opportunities to fund innovation initiatives. But to be effective in optimization efforts, you need an efficient and repeatable approach. This guide shows you the way.

  • Standard IT Cost Model - The ATUM® Poster

    The Apptio TBM Unified Model® (ATUM®) standardizes the financial information necessary for IT leaders to manage their technology business. Use this poster as a resource to establish better alignment between IT, Finance, and other business units by using common language around IT costs and confidently manage the business of IT with the backing of peer-derived best practices. Get the poster!

  • How to Prepare for Your Cloud Migration

    Cloud migration is consistently one of the top priorities of technology leaders across the world today, but many are overwhelmed by trying to plan their cloud migration, struggling to prioritize workloads and unsure of the cost implications. Download this white paper to discover the 5 key steps for cloud migration based on the best practices of today’s most successful IT leaders. Learn more.

  • Enable Consumption-based Data Management with HPE and Veeam

    One of the biggest data protection challenge is the economic unpredictability of finding the right solution that can support exponential data growth while remaining cost effective. HPE and Veeam offer the Veeam Availability Platform through HPE’s GreenLake Flex Capacity consumption-based IT procurement model. Learn more.

  • How to Meet the Data Protection Challenges of the All-Flash Data Center

    A transformation is underway in data centers around the globe as organizations transition from legacy storage solutions to all-flash storage arrays. All-flash provides significant benefits for businesses, such as greater capacity, scalability and predictable high performance. But the move to all-flash data centers does not come without some challenges and an element of increased risk of data loss. Learn more.

  • Top 5 Backup and DRaaS Considerations

    Read this white paper and learn about Top 5 factors to consider in choosing the right cloud backup and DRaaS solution in order to reduce IT complexity, lower costs and ensure agility, availability and business acceleration. Learn more.

  • Getting Prepared for the Microsoft Azure Administrator Certification Exam

    Many organizations are transitioning to Microsoft Office 365 and utilizing public clouds such as Microsoft Azure. However, IT leaders are discovering that default data protection schemes are not as robust as they desire. In this IDC research paper, you'll learn key benefits customers gained from using Veeam with Microsoft Cloud solutions. Learn more!

  • Powershell 6.2 Tutorial for Beginners

    In this white paper, we're going to cover how to get started with PowerShell v6.2 (specifically on Windows) and how it can be applied to an IT pro's daily life to get back her much-needed time. Fortunately, with a tool called PowerShell at their disposal, IT pros can automate tasks, potentially reducing the time they spend on these tasks by hundreds of hours a year. Learn more.

  • Top 10 Best Practices for vSphere Backups

    The “Top 10 Best Practices for vSphere Backups” white paper discusses best practices with Veeam Backup & Replication™ and VMware vSphere, such as planning your data restore in advance and keeping track of your data backup software updates and keeping your backup tools up-to-date. Learn more.

  • Backup ROI for Dummies

    Why wait until something fails, breaks, is overwritten or corrupted accidentally/on purpose? Help your teams learn to quantify the full business impact of downtime and data loss, so that an informed decision is made for your data protection. Learn more.

  • Nine Best Practices for Active Directory Security

    Microsoft Active Directory (AD) is a prime target for attackers because of its importance in authentication and authorization for all users. This ebook explores how a typical insider threat unfolds and details nine critical security best practices that minimize the risk of the internal threat to the availability, confidentiality and integrity of AD.

  • Office 365 Tenant Hacks: The Ultimate Guide to Post Migration Setup

    Read this Fireside Chat paper to learn what you can do to make sure your Office 365 migration goes smoothly by being prepared for ongoing Microsoft updates, efficiently handling licenses, and securing cloud data.

  • Digital Dialogue: Cloud Ready Data Protection for Hybrid Data Centers

    Read this Digital Dialogue to find out what you can do to secure hybrid data centers and achieve regulatory compliance with one suite of tools providing consistent management and operations.

  • Hyperconverged Infrastructure 101: How to Get Started

    Business demands are shifting. The pace of technology is speeding up. The ability to deliver applications faster while building a solid cloud strategy is no longer a nice-to-have, but a must-have for modern businesses looking to stay competitive while meeting customer needs.