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  • Data Privacy Is The New Strategic Priority

    This commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting evaluates the state of enterprises’ data privacy compliance in a shifting regulatory landscape.

  • Is Your Company In Peril If Critical Data Is Breached?

    Delegating data security to IT teams does not absolve the responsibility business leaders have to protect data. Forrester Consulting surveyed 150 IT, security, and risk decision makers and examined their approach to protecting their company’s critical data and information and communicating data risk to senior business executives.

  • Hardening Your AD Security

    Cybersecurity visibility and enforcement begins with Active Directory. Because AD governs whether access should be granted, adding a cybersecurity context to this level empowers security teams to make pre-access enforcement decisions before damage can occur.

  • The Veeam Best Practice Solution for Countering Ransomware

    Most IT leaders today acknowledge that a cyber-attack is imminent so discussions about prevention are quickly followed by discussions about recovery strategy. This white paper outlines best practices for quick and easy recovery from Ransomware.

  • How to Accelerate Your AWS Cloud Journey to Reach Cloud Maturity

    With This Guide, You'll Learn: How to determine if you have clear visibility into your AWS environment, with a checklist to help identify components for proper cloud visibility...

  • 3 Recommendations for Cloud Security

    With This Guide, You'll Learn: An understanding of cloud security’s shared responsibility model and who the Center for Internet Security (CIS) is...

  • A Beginner’s Guide to Microsoft Azure Reserved VM Instances

    With This Guide, You'll Learn: An understanding of Azure Reserved VM Instances, including the 6 components you must consider before purchasing a reservation...

  • 10 Best Practices for Reducing Spend in Azure

    With This Guide, You'll Learn: How to terminate unused assets still racking up costs each month, including unattached Disk Storage, zombie assets, and aged Snapshots...

  • Surviving Common Office 365 Security Pitfalls — Is Your On-Premises AD the Weakest Link?

    This eBook highlights ten security events that administrators track closely to keep their Azure AD and Office 365 environment secure. It explores the audit information they can find using native tools and consoles, and identifies the pitfalls they are most likely to encounter when pulling audit reports natively. Finally, it offers a look at a solution that can help them overcome some of these native auditing limitations. Learn more.

  • What’s New in SharePoint 2019

    How to evaluate the business benefits of the new release to inform your migration strategy.

  • Top 10 Security Events to Monitor in Azure Active Directory and Office 365

    Office 365 has more than 60 MILLION ACTIVE MONTHLY USERS, and adoption of the platform is increasing—for good reason. It allows organizations to reduce infrastructure and costs related to licensing and maintenance, while expanding storage efficiencies. Additionally, Office 365 empowers workforces to operate from anywhere and from any device, while increasing scalability and business continuity. Learn more.

  • Five Common Mistakes With Endpoint Encryption

    Endpoint encryption is heralded as one of the cornerstones to securing data and complying with data protection regulations, but it introduces new challenges which can result in costly mistakes. Understanding which form of encryption is right for your organization, while having a concrete implementation approach that also considers the end-user is key. This white paper outlines common pitfalls to take into consideration in order to ensure that your encryption strategy will not lead to additional costs and security gaps.

  • Customer Case Study: AdvanSix

    Read this case study to find out how working with Fujitsu, AdvanSix transitioned to Linux-based SAP HANA on Microsoft Azure to create ERP systems can scale effortlessly to meet demand. Learn more.

  • The Uncalculated Costs of Managing Your Own Security Infrastructure

    Building and managing your own security infrastructure is no small undertaking. Learn how partnering with a Managed Security Services Provider can reduce your costs. Learn more.

  • Tuning Your Endpoint Protection Policies for Better Cybersecurity

    Security experts estimate that legacy Antivirus solutions detect only 40% of all malware. Learn how fine tuning endpoint protection solutions can optimize threat detection capabilities.

  • Ransomware and Evolving Security

    Mike Tyson once said, “Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” Learn how you can discover, block, and prevent occurrences of ransomware.

  • Defending the 99%: Cybersecurity for Small to Midsize Organizations

    How Can Resource-Constrained Small and Midsize Organizations Achieve the Same Level of Security as the Largest and Most Well-Defended Organizations?

  • Microsoft Azure IaaS Solution

    Learn how to manage your Azure IaaS solution, including virtual machines and storage, using both the Azure CLI and the Azure Portal interface.

  • Preparing for End of Support for Windows Server

    Elevate your IT game through a Windows 2008 and SQL 2008 path to modernization that is best for your workloads and be prepared to kick start the migration process when it is time to move.

  • Application Driven Cloud Optimization

    In this white paper, follow the path of industry leaders who deliver always-on application performance in multi-cloud environments.