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  • Metrikus Increases Operational Efficiencies by 25% with Sigma

    Learn more about how Metrikus turned to cloud analytics to improve operational efficiencies by 25% rapidly and allow business teams to generate these insights independently.

  • How Clover Improved Time to Data Insights by 90% with Sigma

    Clover relies on data to inform business strategy, improve its product, and deliver a great customer experience. As a data-driven organization, Clover has built an entire team to manage a data infrastructure that simplifies data collection and analysis. Learn how Clover deployed self-service analytics so business users could quickly explore, analyze, and visualize data.

  • White Paper - Modern Cybersecurity for Modern Enterprises

    Digital transformation is more than a buzzword. It’s the process of evolving from rigid, legacy on-premises platforms to a modern, cloud-first IT environment equipped to rapidly adjust to changing business and customer needs. At the core, it’s about driving business value throughout your organization.

  • Solution Brief - SentinelOne for Amazon Web Services

    The speed, sophistication, and scale of cyber threats have evolved, leaving first-generation prevention and EDR solutions behind. With cloud VMs and containers just as vulnerable to zero-day attacks and malware as user endpoints, it’s clear that a new approach to cloud solutions security – one that doesn’t require multiple agents and consoles – is needed.

  • ebook - Cloud Defense in Depth

    The speed, flexibility, and scale of cloud computing has fundamentally transformed business operations and competitive dynamics. As organizations accelerate innovation and adversaries target cloud services, how can security leaders devise a multi-cloud security strategy that not only works with the business to enable agility but also protects vital corporate secrets and customer data?

  • Checklist - Cloud Workload Security Questionnaire

    To help you lead the conversation among cloud security and architecture teams, we’ve developed a cloud workload protection questionnaire created for security leaders to use when assessing their company’s cloud defense in depth. By using this questionnaire, you’ll quickly clarify the role of CWPP in a cloud defense in depth strategy.

  • Improving AD Security through consolidation and modernization

    If you have multiple AD environments or aging environments, it becomes more difficult to control your risk. Consider performing an AD migration and consolidation to modernize and improve security.

  • On Demand Migration Comic Book

    In this ebook, you'll learn Quest's secret weapon that allows Microsoft 365 and migrations to happen, smoothly and securely.

  • Managing Workload Efficiency with Quest® Foglight® for MySQL Performance Investigator Edition

    This technical brief reveals how to easily manage the health and performance of your MySQL infrastructure while realizing cost savings. Proactively diagnose and solve workload issues with lock and wait analysis and multidimensional workload analysis.

  • An Expert Guide to SQL Server Performance Tuning

    Unlock secrets of SQL Server performance tuning with tips from Pinal Dave, Janis Griffin, and Brent Ozar. Learn areas to check, metrics to focus on, and how to read an execution plan for optimal results.

  • The Fundamental Guide to SQL Query Optimization

    Learn to optimize SQL query performance with real-world examples and clear instructions in this essential e-book for all skill levels. Monitor wait times, read execution plans, and identify problem tables for improved query optimization.

  • Successful Microsoft Azure Migration with Quest® Data Empowerment Tools

    Quest provides information and system management tools for assuring a smooth Microsoft Azure migration, as outlined in our white paper that will help you through the migration process.

  • Using the Azure Ecosystem to Get More from Your Oracle Data

    Discover three ways you can use SharePlex® by Quest® to make your Oracle data coexist or integrate with Azure technologies in this technical brief.

  • The Definitive Guide – Replace Google Analytics

    This guide gives you the breakdown on warehouse-first analytics, why it’s the trustworthy, efficient, and scalable solution over Google Analytics, and how to start building your own warehouse-first analytics with RudderStack.

  • How to smooth your transition from MIM 2016 with support from One Identity and Avanade

    If you’re using Microsoft/Forefront Identity Manager (FIM/MIM), you’re probably aware that FIM/MIM is in extended support. So, how you can make the transition as smooth as possible? One Identity & Avanade can help you on this journey. We do so with our customers every day.

  • Best Practices in Cloud-Based Backup: Backup as a Service for the Modern Workplace

    This eBook was created in partnership with Microsoft to pull together the best practices in cloud based backup and BaaS for the modern workplace.

  • Enterprise-Proven Protection for your SaaS Application Data

    Whether your data is in the cloud or on-prem, customers need a solution that can protect and secure their data wherever they are on their hybrid cloud journey.

  • Safeguarding SaaS with Cloud-to-Cloud Data Protection

    In this eBook, you'll discover why SaaS apps require dedicated protection and why Metallic® BaaS is the industry-leading solution to defend your SaaS data.

  • Metallic BaaS for Hybrid Cloud Data Protection

    Every cloud journey is unique. So your data protection strategy needs a no-compromise solution for optimal data backup and recovery. Access this 1-page datasheet to discover the unique flexibility the Metallic services can give you.

  • Ransomware: 6 Capabilities You Need for Rapid Recovery

    Since 2019, every release of Veeam’s® Modern Data Protection platform has delivered significant cyber resiliency and secure ransomware protection capabilities, helping organizations reliably recover from any cyberattack in minutes. These best practices allow you to have the appropriate safeguards to ensure the delivery of reliable backup and recovery for your critical infrastructure services and to ensure your data will be there when you need it.