Putting Knowledge to Work: How Applied AI Enables Collaboration

The impact of the still-evolving work-from-anywhere trend continues to affect virtually every corner of the enterprise, creating an urgent need for effective collaboration tools in environments often rife with information silos. One market segment in particular has felt that impact more acutely than any other: financial and professional services. This includes accounting, consulting, investment banking, private capital, and both in-house corporate legal, and stand-alone law firms. Because this market segment relies entirely on relationships, information, and knowledge, solutions for its collaboration challenges are leading the pack when it comes to a pivotal technology: applied artificial intelligence (AI). Thanks to the recent GPT4 release, generative AI is getting all the press, but it's foundational AI that's addressing current collaboration challenges. 

In this Redmond Vendor Spotlight Podcast, John K. Waters, editor in chief in the Converge360 Group of 1105 Media, talks with Mark Holman, Chief Strategy Officer at Intapp, a leading provider of AI-powered, cloud-based, industry-specific collaboration solutions. Holman is the former president of strategy, investment, and marketing for tech design and manufacturing firm Flex. He was also a partner at A.T. Kearney and PwC, and the founding CEO of E2open, a SaaS supply chain software company.

This podcast explores the impact of the pandemic on enterprise collaboration in general, but with a focus on financial and professional services organizations that turned to Microsoft Teams and SharePoint solutions for the entirety of their collaboration needs. The discussion covers the key challenges those companies faced with this change in the workplace landscape, both technical and cultural. Mark and John talk about the greatest risks of this reaction in general and the unique technological needs of the market segment Mark's company serves, including security and confidentiality. Then they look at the role of foundational AI in addressing these challenges now and the potential of generative AI in the future.  

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About the presenter:

Mark Holman, Chief Strategy Officer, Intapp

Mark Holman has served as Chief Strategy Officer since 2019. Prior to joining Intapp, Holman served as President of Strategy, Investments, and Marketing for Flex, a technology design and manufacturing firm. Previously, Holman served as a partner at A.T. Kearney and PwC, and was the founding Chief Executive Officer of E2open, a SaaS supply chain software firm. Holman received his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Kettering University and a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Michigan.

Moderated by:
John K. Waters, Editor at Large, Redmondmag.com

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