Five-Star Winners Take Command

This year, Redmond honors products that have won five consecutive Readers Choice awards.


Talking the Talk: When Will Microsoft Take Speech Recognition to the Enterprise?

Speech-recognition technology can boost efficiency and might someday make its mark on the enterprise -- if Microsoft would only promote it.

Inside the New Lync Server: Microsoft Pushes into Voice Communications

Microsoft Lync Server is poised to become a major factor in the market for enterprise voice systems.

2010 Redmond Magazine Readers Choice Awards

After the Triple Crown in 2008 and the Grand Slam in 2009, Redmond introduces another level of prestige for exceptional Readers Choice winners: the Five-Star Award.


Carriers Set To Start Shipping Windows Phones

Microsoft launches Windows Phone 7, but will smartphones based on Redmond's new mobile platform get noticed in a market dominated by Droids, iPhones and BlackBerry devices?

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