Flocking to Windows 7

The migration to Microsoft's latest operating system is underway. Readers share their trials, triumphs, tips and tricks from the experience.


PowerShell 2.0: Why It Matters

Learn how the latest version of Windows PowerShell can help you perform daily tasks and improve your efficiency.

IT Training on the Cheap

Keep your IT knowledge up-to-date without breaking the bank with these simple tips.

Flocking to Windows 7

After only a few months of availability, many are already moving to Windows 7. Here, readers offer tips and best practices for others making the flight away from Windows XP or Windows Vista.

Product Reviews

Fledgling File Sharing

GigaTribe version 3.18 is based on a great concept, but it still needs work.

FCI Can Set You Free

The Microsoft File Classification Infrastructure can help you simplify data identification.

Barney's Rubble

Blowing off Steam

From Twitter twits to phone-phobes, Doug lets fly with his technological pet peeves.

Foley on Microsoft

Bing vs. Googliath?

Microsoft has given up trying to out-Google Google and is trying instead to carve out a new search niche.

Letters to Redmond

Microsoft: 'A Sinking Ship'

Readers ponder the reason behind Microsoft's general malaise. Plus, is print dead or alive?

Mr. Roboto

PowerShell: The Next Generation

PowerShell 2.0 introduces many shiny new features that are built on a solid 1.0 core first delivered in 2006.

Security Advisor

Can DirectAccess Replace Your VPN?

Despite some drawbacks, DirectAccess will likely become the preferred remote-access method as Windows 7 becomes more prevalent.


Microsoft's Private Cloud Formation

As CIOs largely reject the early crop of cloud services for business-critical apps, Redmond readies private and hybrid cloud platforms.

Office 365 Watch

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