Bing Bang Boom

Microsoft's new search engine is making friends fast.


The New World of Compliance

Compliance is a complex undertaking, but with the right philosophy and tools it's well within your grasp.

Microsoft's New Search Engine: Bing, Bang, Boom

Microsoft's new search engine has the consumer goods, but does it do enough for loyal enterprise customers?

Product Reviews

Simple Is Best

Streamline your batch-management processes with ActiveBatch 7.

What's New in Exchange Server 2010

Boasting a new and rich set of technologies, does it deliver?

Windows 7: Deja Vista

Windows 7 adds a few cool features, but look, feel and performance are not much different from its predecessor.

Barney's Rubble

TechNet Magazine Makes News

Five magazines in five years? And they said print was dead.

Foley on Microsoft

Is Microsoft Too Old for Web 2.0?

As Microsoft gets older, can the company continue to create products that younger users want to buy?

Letters to Redmond

Moving up in the World

Readers recount their tales of Windows 7 migration.

Mr. Roboto

Please Squeeze the Files

For a lighter, roomier system, a little file compression goes a long way.

Security Advisor

Anatomy of a Web Attack

Many malware episodes begin innocently enough.


Clouds in L.A.: Microsoft Loses Los Angeles Contract to Google

Google's cloud platform will take center stage in L.A. after Microsoft's old-school pitch fails audition.

Searching for Bing Answers

We speak with Stefan Weitz, director of search at Microsoft, to find out where Bing came from, what it does and where it's going.

Office 365 Watch

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