October 2008 - So You've Decided to Skip/Deploy Vista...

This issue, we show you what you need to do to keep XP alive and well ... or, if you're jumping into Vista, how to make the transition easier. Plus, SQL Server 2008 is here, we rate capacity-planning tools, and more.


Capacity-Planning Tools

There are products that can help you with planning for your virtualization environment, but there's no one-size-fits-all solution.

SQL Server 2008 Is Finally Here. Now What?

Microsoft's latest relational database management system contains a host of new features, but are they enough to make you migrate?

Vista Made Easy

Ready to make the move to Windows Vista? Use these insider tips to quickly become an expert.

So You’ve Decided to Skip Vista ...

You’re not alone -- Microsoft's latest operating system still isn't making much headway in terms of enterprise adoption. Here's what you need to know about keeping XP alive.


Off-Cycle Microsoft Patch Targets Worm-Like Windows Bug

Redmond on Thursday released a critical out-of-cycle security patch affecting Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 systems.

Microsoft Posts Touchless SDK on Codeplex

A software project by a Columbia University computer science student to eliminate the need for multiple hardware-based touch interfaces is now on Microsoft's Codeplex site.

Microsoft Unleashes Tool For Web Developers

Web App Installer centralized management of ASP.NET and PHP-based open source Web apps.

Fake Microsoft Security Update Makes Rounds

Sophos quickly warns of fake Trojan-laden e-mail disguised as Microsoft Security Bulletin update hitting inboxes.

Intel Posting Breakthrough Year

Amid market turmoil, world's largest chip maker makes positive news with an upbeat third quarter revenue report.

'Windows 7' No Longer a Code Name

In a break with tradition, Microsoft has decided to use the code name for the next version of Windows as the official moniker.

TechMentor Keynote Lays Out IT Best Practices

IT support teams can take a lesson from consumer grumblings about the commercial airline industry, says one keynote speaker at TechMentor Las Vegas.

Busy October Patch Cycle Comes Around with 11 Fixes

Security-minded admins have their work cut out for them, as Microsoft coughs up 11 fixes in its October patch cycle.

IMS/NGN Forum 'Plugfest' Eyes UC

The sixth IMS/NGN Forum interoperability "plugfest," and the first to be held since the organizations formerly merged this week, will drill down into the unified communications (UC) space.

Fortinet Helps DBAs Sniff Out DB Exploits

New security appliance gives DBAs a leg up on flaws and vulnerabilities lurking in corporate database management systems.

Microsoft Promises To Improve UAC in Windows 7

Microsoft has been talking about future changes to Windows Vista's most maligned feature, User Account Control (UAC).

Tech Stock Flameout Sparks Microsoft-Yahoo Rethink

Yahoo's stock plunge has some reflecting to a time when Microsoft had initiated an unsolicited takeover bid for the online advertising company.

11 Fixes Expected for Patch Tuesday

Microsoft's October patch release cycle promises to be a busy one as Redmond announced plans to roll out 11 security bulletins in its Tuesday security release.

Panelists Praise Vista Performance, Despite the 'Pain'

Microsoft Springboard Virtual Roundtable examined Vista performance, fielding technical views from panelists that had actually carried out system upgrades.

Integration Expert

Likewise Software CEO Barry Crist wants to bring the open source and Windows worlds together.

Browser Wars Are Back

As Google releases Chrome, Microsoft and Mozilla gear up to do battle.

Whither the Old OS?

Are operating systems a dying breed?

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