May 2008 - Staying Afloat: Surviving the Recession

6 Tactics for Surviving the Economic Downturn; Hardware Trends; On the E-Mail Trail of the Vista-Capable Logo Saga; Microsoft Selling in The Cloud


Partners, Pick up the Phone -- Customers Are Standing By

The Response Point phone system takes center stage at Microsoft's annual online-only event for entrepreneurs.

Bill Gates on the New Road Ahead

Mr. Gates Goes to Washington

Intel Aims Modular Server at SMB Space

Offering includes diskless servers, Ethernet switches and a SAN-all in one box.

A Report from Convergence

Microsoft's annual event for Dynamics partners and customers indicates that, after an awkward adolescence, its business-products line has grown up.

State of Vendor Leads: Worthless

New survey of resellers finds them struggling with poor leads, misaligned vendor marketing and continuing conflict with direct sales teams.