July 2008 - Ray Ozzie: Cloud Man

As Bill Gates departs, Ray Ozzie takes over Microsoft's online strategy. Also in this issue, Sysvol's secrets, the unified communications puzzle, readers review SCCM 2007, and much more!


The Secrets of Sysvol

Windows Server 2008 has a new way to migrate Group Policies.

Big Efficiencies for Big Environments

SCCM 2007's new maintenance, configuration-tracking and updated reporting features make it a must-have for large Windows sites.

Automation Nation

IT workflow-automation products could be the key to accelerating your day-to-day IT tasks and helping you build IT processes.

The Unified Communications Puzzle

ISVs look to fill in some of the pieces of Microsoft's unified communications vision.

Flying Solo: Ozzie Takes Microsoft to the Cloud

As his boss Bill Gates departs, Ozzie takes Microsoft's online strategy into the cloud.

Product Reviews

Lock the Door

WinMagic SecureDoc's full-disk encryption provides easy-to-use security for laptops and remote users.

Barney's Rubble

Cloudy Cloud Costs

Hang on to your wallets -- Microsoft's lineup of online services probably won't come free.

Beta Man

Working Together

Forefront Stirling's integrated components give it an edge over single-purpose products.

Foley on Microsoft

Does Live Mesh Have a Business Future?

Microsoft's reticence notwithstanding, many people are excited about what Live Mesh can offer.

Mr. Roboto

At Your Self-Service

Directory Update puts users in charge of their own Active Directory administration.

Never Again

Which One Is for Production?

Better make sure...especially when you're working with credit card information.

Please Tell Me That Was a DDS-2 Tape

Of all the times to have a backup crisis, it had to be the eve of Y2K.

Security Advisor

Forget Your Passwords

There are plenty of easier and more secure ways to authenticate users.

Windows Insider

Best Configuration Manager Queries

Readers share their tried-and-true SCCM queries.


Analysis: Behind Microsoft's DATAllegro Acquisition

You've already snapped up Microsoft-branded mice, keyboards and gaming consoles. Is a Microsoft data warehouse (DW) appliance in your future?

DNS Problem Is 'Important' To Patch, Microsoft Says

Microsoft issued a formal security advisory with an "urgent warning" to patch a general Domain Name System vulnerability that can enable spoofing attacks.

Enterprise Adoption of Vista at 'Single Digits,' Report Says

Windows Vista has been "rejected," or is not widely adopted in the enterprise segment, according to a Forrester Research report.

How Large Will Windows Live Live?

Microsoft's Brian Hall looks to better integrate the Windows Live online strategy.

Office 365 Watch

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