January 2008 - Infrastructure Optimization for IT

Can infrastructure optimization (IO) cure IT complexity? Also in this issue: the 2008 Redmond Editors' Choice Awards; Google tries to undermine Microsoft with open source; readers review PowerPoint 2007; and much more!


Exchange Servers: Highly Available and Happy

With Service Pack 1 out, admins should know that there are a few tricks to updating clustered Exchange 2007 servers the right way. Here's a guide.

The 2008 Editors' Choice Awards

Here are our selections for the products we believe you just can't live without.

PowerPoint 2007 Wins Fans

SmartArt and other new features clinch its spot as the must-have presentation tool.

Google's Secret Weapon

While it soft pedals direct competition with Microsoft, the search giant quietly keeps working on open source projects designed to undermine its archrival.

Infrastructure Optimization for IT

Infrastructure Optimization is Microsoft's shot at an IT maturity model. It may not be a panacea, but it can help streamline IT operations.


MCP Exam Second-Shot Extended

Microsoft Learning Group continues popular program another three months.

Microsoft Oversight Extended to 2009

Court oversight of Microsoft Corp.'s market power, which began in 2002 after a landmark antitrust settlement, has been extended by 18 months.

Microsoft Aims To Boost Security With New APIs for Developers

New APIs that will make security settings easier for developers, particularly for those writing code to run on Windows Server 2008, Vista and XP SP3.

Excel Flaw Highlights Need for Better App Security

Experts believe the rising number of exploits targeting Excel gives hackers incentive to continually exploit applications -- rather than operating systems -- for flaws.

Windows 2008 Exams On Last Leg of Development

Microsoft's Learning Group closes beta testing on several new Windows Server 2008 exams, with release soon after the software launches next month.

Microsoft To Expand Partners in Learning

Microsoft this week said it intends to redouble (or retriple) its commitment to education through its Partners in Learning program.

Microsoft, Citrix Team Up on Virtualization

Microsoft and Citrix have banded together even more tightly in the virtualization space, hoping to take on industry leader VMware.

Microsoft Opens Up Vista Virtualization

Microsoft now says it will allow more versions of the desktop OS to be virtualized.

Analysts: 'Inside Job' Among Top IT Security Concerns for '08

Browser-based attacks, bot vector incursions, targeted phishing, mobile hacking and insider espionage rank as top five security menaces for 2008.

'Windows 7' May Arrive in Second Half of 2009

Following reports that Microsoft released "Milestone 1" for Windows 7 to several partners, TG Daily reports that software will get released in late 2009.

Survey: Leopard Tops in Consumer OS Satisfaction, Vista Far Behind

ChangeWave says Apple's Leopard operating system gets high marks from consumers, with Vista editions trailing the pack.

Microsoft Makes Fast Move

Microsoft bids $1.2 billion for Norwegian search company to shore up search technology.

Vista's Success Is Inevitable

Despite slow acceptance, some say it's still too soon to write off the new Windows operating system as a failure.

The Green's the Reason To Go Green

'Green' data centers are budget- and earth-friendly, study finds.

Getting Manageable

Microsoft delivers a better, more administrator-friendly firewall with Windows Server 2008.