September 2007 - Cheers! Redmond's 2007 IT Salary Survey

Our 2007 IT salary survey shows that salaries, raises and bonuses went up for the third year in a row. Plus: Symantec's chief John W. Thompson talks about SaaS and Microsoft co-opetition, Greg Shields guides you through a WSUS upgrade, and much more.


Redmond's 12th Annual IT Salary Survey: Break out the Bubbly

Did your IT earnings get kicked up a notch this year? Redmond magazine's 2007 IT Salary Survey reveals that salaries, raises and bonuses went up for the third year in a row.

Redmond's Top 10 Hot Certs for 2008

Here are our predictions for next year's fastest-climbing certifications.

Whassup with WSUS?

Considering a WSUS upgrade? You should.

Application Virtualization Hits Its Stride

Keeping a virtualized image clean just got a lot easier.

Friend and Foe of Microsoft

Symantec's chief John W. Thompson talks about co-opetition with Microsoft, the security market landscape and the company's Software as a Service and open source strategies.

Exam Reviews

70-622: Road to Enteprise Support and Vista

Do not study lightly for this Windows Vista exam -- you'll need to have complete understanding of application rollouts to Windows Vista desktops.

Product Reviews

Know What's Happening

Keep tabs on your SQL Server jobs with SQL Sentry Event Manager.

Barney's Rubble

Ozzie's Dream

Software Plus Services slowly emerges out of the ether.

Beta Man

Round and Round the Passwords Go

Lieberman Software's Roulette is an elegant and effective password-management tool.

Foley on Microsoft

Feeling Assured About Software Assurance?

Analysts say customers are dumping it, Microsoft says they're signing up in droves. Is the truth somewhere in the middle?

Letters to Redmond

Linux: Pluses...and Minuses

Readers weigh in on Linux and Windows Mobile.

Mr. Roboto

Old and In the Way

Tired of wading through old folders in your file servers? Check out this script.

Never Again

Tale of the Vanishing E-Mails

IT folks are left scratching their heads as messages disappear into e-mail limbo.

Security Advisor

The Right To Remain Anonymous

Here are some tools to help you protect your privacy on the 'Net.

Windows Insider

RODC in the USA

You can use Windows Server 2008 to build a hack-resistant, read-only DC.


Q&A: LogMeIn's 'Free' Strategy Pays Off

Company focuses on the new breed of IT professional in small companies.

Microsoft Is Bucks Up, but Competitors Crowd In

Analyst concerns center on Google, SaaS and new market investments.

Office 365 Watch

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