October 2007 - Secrets of the Windows Gurus

Technology experts tell us what makes them tick. Plus, how incompatibilities still dog Vista; Client Access Server gives more access options for Exchange 2007; WhatsUp Gold helps keep your network running smoothly; and much more!


Windows Vista: Learning To Play Nice

Despite Microsoft's efforts so far, incompatibilities still dog the new OS.

Word 2007: Not Exactly a Must-Have

Some sing its praises, but compatibility problems and the new interface leave others cold.

Exchange 2007: Access Anywhere

The Client Access Server gives you many remote access options for Exchange 2007.

Secrets of the Windows Gurus

Technology experts tell Redmond what makes them tick.

Exam Reviews

70-623: A Vista Exam for Consumer Support Techs

What's the difference between a retail and business installation of Vista? If you don't know, you're not ready to take this new-generation MCP exam for Vista.

Product Reviews

Navigate Your Network

WhatsUp Gold maps your network and helps you keep it running smoothly.

Barney's Rubble

Stop Bugging Me

From wastefulness to tangled cords, here are just a few PC-related things that bug Doug.

Beta Man

Silverlight Bridges the Gap

Silverlight will change the game across the board for developers, administrators and users.

Foley on Microsoft

Why Is Redmond So Bullish on Office Live?

Despite the offering's rocky beginnings, Office Live may still turn out to be a pleasant surprise.

Mr. Roboto

Event by Event

Strapped for cash? Forget expensive server management tools -- here's a real-time event log monitor for the smaller shops.

Security Advisor

Virtual Security

How virtual technology can help you keep your network safe.

Windows Insider

First Look: WinRM & WinRS

Two new tools from Microosft that can drastically help server and workstation management.


A Call for More Flexible Desktop Standards

Cavalancia thinks you need to accommodate Web 2.0 and Vista apps.

First Beta for Vista SP1 Coming Soon

Microsoft reveals first details of upcoming Vista service pack.

Office 365 Watch

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