October 2007 - Secrets of the Windows Gurus

Technology experts tell us what makes them tick. Plus, how incompatibilities still dog Vista; Client Access Server gives more access options for Exchange 2007; WhatsUp Gold helps keep your network running smoothly; and much more!


Word 2007: Not Exactly a Must-Have

Some sing its praises, but compatibility problems and the new interface leave others cold.

Exchange 2007: Access Anywhere

The Client Access Server gives you many remote access options for Exchange 2007.

Secrets of the Windows Gurus

Technology experts tell Redmond what makes them tick.

Windows Vista: Learning To Play Nice

Despite Microsoft's efforts so far, incompatibilities still dog the new OS.


A Call for More Flexible Desktop Standards

Cavalancia thinks you need to accommodate Web 2.0 and Vista apps.

First Beta for Vista SP1 Coming Soon

Microsoft reveals first details of upcoming Vista service pack.

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