March 2007 - Open Source Enlightenment

Microsoft veers toward the light in its new approach to open source. Plus, is Microsoft ready to play nice with its competitors?; how IT can look to baseball for better management strategies; our top five cool Vista tricks; a look at the changes -- for better or worse -- in Office 2007; and much, much more.


Is Microsoft Finally Ready To Play Nice?

The company appears as if it wants to work cooperatively with competitors.

Top 5 Cool Vista Tricks

Even if you never have to use these, it's good just to know they're there.

Changes for Better or Worse

The updated interface and raft of new features in Office 2007 will eventually make users more productive, but getting to that point is a struggle.

Hitting One Out of the IT Park

How IT can look to baseball for better management strategies.

Product Reviews

Take Control

Desktop Authority exerts the maximum level of control with a minimal amount of effort.

Barney's Rubble

The Expanding Redmond Universe

The more, the merrier.

Foley on Microsoft

Resisting the Siren Call of Software as a Service

Sometimes, the unfashionable choice is smart the smart one.

Letters to Redmond


This month, readers question the extent of Microsoft's innovation, wonder why more people use Google over Yahoo, and more.

Mr. Roboto

To Serve and To Report

EventReporter can help make event log management...manageable.

Redmond Negotiator

The More Things Change...

Scott looks at the fairly static state of Microsoft negotiations, and what you can do about it.

Security Advisor

DNS Security Basics

Your DNS is a sweet spot for hackers who want to compromise your network; learn to protect it.

Windows Insider

The ImageX X-Files

There's nothing otherworldly about Vista's OS imaging tool -- just some command-line craziness.


Vista for Consumers Sets Sail

Analysts wonder how choppy the waters will be.

Office 365 Watch

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