June 2007 - Taking in Orphanware

Using orphanware can be frustrating, but here are some steps you can take for its proper care and feeding. Plus, we show you how one software company teamed with an international outsourcer to get its products to market; the new and improved crop of deployment tools for Windows Vista; how one company deployed a Web-based portal to solve its data-sharing problems; and more.


Green Mountain Gets the [Share]Point

Coffee maker deploys Web-based portal to solve data-sharing problems.

Smaller Is Better

ImageX is a slick compression tool that can help with Windows Vista deployment, as well as everyday file compression.

Vista Deployment Done Right

The new crop of deployment tools for Windows Vista is a marked improvement over its predecessors.

Outsourcing: A Developing Relationship

How one software company successfully teamed with an international outsourcer to get its products to market.

The Power of PowerShell

Readers have high praise-and high expectations-for Microsoft's new command-line shell and scripting tool.

Taking in Orphanware: Please, Sir, May I Have Some More?

Taking in orphanware can be frustrating, but there are steps you can take for its proper care and feeding.

Exam Reviews

What MCPs Must Know About Configuring Vista

What to expect with Microsoft's first Windows Vista exam aimed at MCTS candidates.

Product Reviews

Still a Friendly Ghost

Whether you're an enterprise network or a small company, there's nothing to be scared of with this Ghost.

Barney's Rubble

Take No Prisoners

When it comes to Microsoft's take-charge philosophy, how aggressive is too aggressive?

Beta Man

Longhorn Beta 3 Drops

Is it worth migrating servers in the next year?

Foley on Microsoft

Compliance vs. Compatibility

After all the hard lessons it learned from IE, which one will Microsoft pick?

Letters to Redmond


Readers chime in on the rise of online news outlets and what that means for print.

Mr. Roboto

More Power for PowerShell

Need a boost in PowerShell amps? Take Power Gadgets out for a spin.

Never Again

All's Well that Ends Well

The pitfalls of early adoption. Plus, logging in can be a lot easier said than done.

Security Advisor

Protect Your Customer Data

Joern shows you how to cover your security bases -- and keep your customers happy.

Windows Insider

Isolation Automation Exploration: Part II

Making an isolation group -- step by step.


Microsoft Shines Its Silverlight

Ozzie offers a peek at the next-generation Web development tools.

Office 365 Watch

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