February 2007 - Preaching Convergence

Microsoft lets partners get in on unified messaging; joining the Small Business Specialist community; forming your own grassroots group; inside Windows Vista; more


Microsoft: Google Was 'Wake-Up Call'

Ray Ozzie says Microsoft will answer with plans that more than mimic its rivals successes.

Network Gear Reseller Arrested in Cisco Fraud Plot

Massachusetts man is alleged to have defrauded Cisco of millions through a scheme involving orders of 'defective' hardware.

4 Arrested in Stop & Shop Data Thefts

Alleged thieves try to replace credit card readers to steal customer information.

NY Youths in Plea Deal in MySpace Case

Extortion, illegal computer access among charges against quartet who claimed to have MySpace-monitoring software that could be used for nefarious purposes.

Google to Sell Online Software Suite

Google will begin selling an online suite of software that treads on technological turf traditionally dominated by Microsoft and IBM.

Vista Virtualized on Mac? Microsoft Says No to Some

The Redmond giant says security issues are of concern with Vista Basic and Home Premium users, but Business and Ultimate licensees can run virtualized safely.

Visual Studio Exam Goes Beta

Microsoft puts Tech Spec exam for developers through beta testing paces.

Missing Laptop Found in ET Hunt

Stolen laptop traced through its use as an ET-hunting machine; no arrest has been made amid ongoing investigation.

A New Generation of Office Exams

Following Office 2007 suite, Microsoft officially launches Business Certification Program that tests information worker skills.

Google Shuts Hole in Desktop Product

A potentially devastating hole in Google Inc.'s prevalent desktop search product could have exposed personal files on users' computers to data thieves.

Hewlett-Packard Q1 Earns Rise 26 Percent

The company said it earned $1.55 billion, or 55 cents per share, for the quarter ended Jan. 31.

Conn. State Workers' Info Ends Up on Web

More than 1,700 state workers recently learned that some of their personal information had been inadvertently posted on the Internet.

Malaysia Raids Illegal Software Sellers

Malaysian authorities have begun raiding computer retail outlets offering pirated software amid concerns that illegal copies of Windows Vista are already on sale.

Penn State Researchers ID Worms by Speed

Worms being identified on systems based on speed of proliferation, which in turn is allowing easier containment, say university researchers.

Microsoft Settles Iowa Antitrust Case

Nagging antitrust case in Iowa draws to a predictable close. Settlement details will be ironed out in a different court hearing.

Vista Exams Go Back to Beta Testing

Microsoft delays release of some of its new-generation MCP exams for Vista in favor of retesting; exam 70-624 gets a Valentine's Day debut.

Time Change to Bring Computer Glitches

Change in Daylight Savings Time this year may cause many software programs to malfunction, warns software makers.

DOJ: Misplaced Laptops Still a Problem

FBI losing an average of three to four computers a month, some with highly sensitive information.

Microsoft to Update Windows for Wireless

Microsoft Corp. plans a launch this spring of its next-generation operating system for wireless devices, Windows Mobile 6.

Inventors to Be Honored on Capitol Hill

Robert Metcalf, inventor of Ethernet, among honorees.

New Certification for Hosting Providers

New Windows 2003 Web Hosting exam now available, as well as new certification track aimed at hosting providers.

VeriSign to Spend Over $100M on Upgrade

VeriSign will spend more than $100 million in a massive infrastructure upgrade to combat a new wave of computer attacks and manage a surge in online activity.

Gmail Becomes More Widely Available

Google Inc.'s e-mail service is almost ready to accept all comers after nearly three years of beta testing.

Microsoft: Not Behind Russia Piracy Case

Microsoft said it had no role in Russia's investigation of a school principal on charges of buying pirated Windows software.

Hackers Attack Key Net Traffic Computers

Hackers briefly overwhelmed at least three of the 13 computers that help manage global computer traffic Tuesday.

Gates: Secure Data Remains Key Challenge

Keeping information secure in this age of laptop-lugging workers is the tech industry's most formidable challenge, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said.

German Court Bars Stealth PC Searches

Police cannot secretly search suspects' computer hard drives over the Internet, a German court ruled Monday.

EU Microsoft Judge: Ruling by September

The judge due to rule on Microsoft's appeal against the European Commission's antitrust order hopes to publish his decision before he leaves office in September.

Apple: ITunes Users Should Wait on Vista

Apple is urging some iPod/iTunes users to hold off on upgrading computers to Windows Vista.

VA Hard Drive With Personal Data Missing

A portable hard drive that may contain the personal information of up to 48,000 veterans may have been stolen.

Apple Revs Up Ad Attacks on PCs, Vista

"I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" ad campaign that takes swipes at Windows Vista goes into overdrive.

Head of Zune to Depart

Executive who oversaw Zune development plans to leave Microsoft.

Gates Inaugurates Bucharest Center

Microsoft chairman in Romania to help open up new technical support center that will emply 600 to provide support to European customers, particularly in France and Germany.

Events: Introducing TechPartner

RCP invites readers to a first-time event in Florida.

Partnerships: Eyes on the Enterprise

Microsoft and HP partner to challenge IBM in the market for enterprise services.

The Vista Effect

For every dollar Redmond gets, partners see about 18 more.

Constructing a Community -- One High-Achiever at a Time

Update on the Microsoft Certified Architect Program

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