August 2007 - Look Who Has a SOA Strategy!

Microsoft's Steve Martin spells out Redmond's services game plan. Plus, we set the record straight on Vista security, analyze whether Linux is ready for prime time, show you four ways you can protect yourself on the Web, and much more.


Web Security Roundup

Here are several ways to protect yourself against dangers on the Web.

Linux: Ready for Prime Time?

The jury is out on whether smaller shops can actually work with open source operating systems.

Microsoft Does Have a SOA Strategy

Redmond was conspicuously absent as the Service-Oriented Architecture hype exploded -- turns out it had a plan after all.

Q&A: Microsoft and Service-Oriented Technology

Steve Martin, director of product management for the Connected Systems Division at Microsoft, talks about shaping his company's SOA strategy.

10 Vista Security Truths

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding Windows Vista's security features. It's time to set the record straight.


Software Assurance: To Renew or Not To Renew?

Forrester report says most users question the value of SA.

Massachusetts Accepts Microsoft's OOXML

The state reverses its position on supporting Microsoft's document format.

Microsoft Livens Up Live

Company combines Live efforts into Live Platform Services.

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