October 2006 - IT Gone Bad

Spying, blackmailing and thievery -- are there criminals in your IT shop? Plus Don Jones takes an in-depth look at ServerCore, the stripped-down, rock-solid version of Longhorn; Rick Taylor takes you inside an enterprise SharePoint installation in "The SharePoint Diaries"; readers share their take on the new Linux-friendly Virtual Server; and much, much more.


The SharePoint Diaries

Itching to deploy Microsoft's powerful new SharePoint portal server technology? Better know what you're getting yourself into first.

Server Core: Windows Without Windows

The new Server Core is a stripped-down, rock-solid version of Longhorn.

IT Gone Bad

Spying, blackmailing and thievery -- are there criminals in your IT shop?

Virtual Server Has Real Fans

Now that it's free and has "official" Linux support, users find Virtual Server 2005 R2 a more compelling option.

Product Reviews

Keep Power Users Under Control

PolicyMaker Application Security lets you apply specific, application-level privileges.

Barney's Rubble

Bill for President

Is it time for Gates in 2008?

Beta Man

Windows PowerShell: Command Performance

Windows PowerShell is almost ready for prime time.

Foley on Microsoft

What's Next for Microsoft's IE?

With IE 7 due to go live shortly, it's time to start speculating about the next versions!

Letters to Redmond

Letters@Redmondmag.com: October 2006

Is the Redmond staff just a bunch of crybabies? One reader thinks so. Plus feedback on Microsoft's appetitie for competitors and more 3Com switch woes.

Mr. Roboto

Intelligent Transfer

Lift the load of downloads using Window's Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) 2.0.

Never Again

SQL Slip Up

What happens when a query goes wrong -- very, very wrong.

Security Advisor

Risky Travels: Can You Stay Secure?

Security risks for computer users on the go keep multiplying.

Windows Insider

Cut the Crap

Using Microsoft's new File Storage Resource Manager tool to stop users from filling up their hard drives with all sorts of useless stuff.


CIOs in No Rush To Buy Vista

In a Merrill Lynch survey asking CIOs what their intentions were for enterprise and server software spending, many indicated that they planned to push back plans to upgrade to Windows Vista.

RSS Guru Goes Offline

Niall Kennedy, touted as an important hire for Microsoft's Live effort, talks about what went wrong during his short tenure.

Will Microsoft or IBM Have the License that Kills?

Each company's licensing plan figures to play a role in winning the middleware battle.

Office 365 Watch

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