July 2006 - Beta Blowout!

Sizing up the latest versions of Office, Vista and Longhorn Server. Plus: Tour de SQL Finale, virtualization face-off, Visual Studio 2005 reader review, Microsoft tech support survey, more.


High Anxiety: Microsoft Tech Support Survey

How does the world's No. 1 software company deal with you when something goes wrong? Our readers speak out.

What Were They Thinking?

An HP hardware troubleshooting guru shares some of the worst snafus he's experienced so you can learn from them.

Beta Blowout

A three-headed beta release lights the fuse on Office, Windows and Longhorn Server.

Tour de SQL Finale, Part IV: Replication

Our final sprint to the finish line stretches over replication: its limitations, high availability and the many improvements since the last version.

Living in a Virtual World

Virtualization is here to stay, so make sure you're using the right tool.

The 800-Pound Code Gorilla

Visual Studio 2005 is packed with features, but is it too much?


Microsoft Gets Real About the Virtual

Softricity acquisition fills in its virtualization portfolio.

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