January 2006 - The World's Fastest PCs!

Plus: Virtualization goes mainstream; SOX compliance; surviving a software audit; HP vs. IBM blades; more.


The Ultimate PC Challenge

Tom’s Hardware tests the highest-end desktop systems.

SOX and the Single Admin

The Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Act poses a real compliance headache for businesses of every size, and Windows admins are feeling the heat. Fortunately, we’re here with a few handy shortcuts.

Worry-Free Web Server

Users say Apache 2.0 is a robust, flexible and secure Web server that just plain works.

Virtualization Goes Mainstream

Virtualization has become a serious tool for production environments.

Software Raids: Surviving an Audit

Software audits are a hassle, an embarrassment, and can result in hefty fines and worse. Here’s how to prepare for, and win, an audit.

Quid Pro Quote

Should you be a Microsoft reference account? A few hardy souls say yes, but many IT managers steer clear of the experience for good reasons.

Battle of the Blades

Blade servers from HP and IBM help you pack the maximum amount of storage into the least amount of space.

Product Reviews

Ready for the Big Time

The Enterprise Edition of ISA 2004 provides centralized management and unmatched scalability.

Monitor Globally, Manage Locally

Take a large-scale view of your network traffic and topology.

Barney's Rubble

A Tangled Web of Services

Gates and crew's new direction in offering Microsoft's products as Web services is being met with more confusion than mandate by the industry.

Beta Man

Just Browsing, Thanks

Microsoft finally catches up with its competitors with features like tabbed browsing and integrated RSS feeds in Internet Explorer 7.

Foley on Microsoft

Will Microsoft’s Hardware-Upgrade Push Backfire?

The hardware demands of the next Windows and Office System 2006 products may prove to be not worth the effort for vendors and customers.

Letters to Redmond

Readers Respond: January 2006

Software religion and its zealots, and Microsoft's diverse but sometimes overlapping products.

Security Advisor

Message Hygiene -- Microsoft Style: Part I

Keep your inboxes clean of spam and viruses with some new tools and enhancements in Exchange 2003.


Security Industry Rocked by Sony Rootkit Fiasco

The Sony BMG rootkit fiasco could be the worst retail marketing meltdown since the launch of New Coke.

Q&A: XML Co-Creator Tim Bray

Sun's director of Web technologies talks about Microsoft's decision to go open source with an Office file format.

Office 365 Watch

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