May 2005 - Content Cops

Should IT be the long arm of the law? Plus: Thumbs sideways for Baseline Security Analyzer; 7 ways to the get the most out of MOM; server management shootout and more.


Keep an Eye on Those Servers

The right server management tool closely monitors your network and offers proactive responses to most common problems.

Content Cops

Many businesses expect IT to use the equivalent of a radar gun and monitor employees for infractions. But laying down the law can have serious repercussions, both for employees and the IT departments doing the watching.

The Good and the Bad of MBSA

Microsoft's free vulnerability scanner works well—as long as you don't have to stretch it too far.

6 Steps to a Simpler Network

There's a saying in IT that "complexity is the enemy of security." It's also the enemy of efficiency, troubleshooting and other critical network functions. Here are six ways to untangle that crowded web you've weaved.

Managing in Isolation

Remote management has never been a Microsoft strong suit, but Windows Server 2003 is helping users manage servers that no IT staff can touch.

7 Tips for MOM

Advice from an in-the-trenches expert for getting the most out of Microsoft Operations Manager.


IT Weekly Roundup, May 27

From the business wires this week: a bevy of anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-spam solutions to keep your computer clean and you sane.

Testing Discount/Retake Offer Extended for Partners

Popular exam savings and retake offer extended through Microsoft Certfied Partners and Microsoft Business Solutions programs.

Microsoft Unveils PC Health Panacea

Windows OneCare service provides one-stop solution against malware and mucked-up computers.

IT Weekly Roundup, May 20

From the business wires this week: a GPMC tool for change control, free network monitoring software, and Microsoft invests in LapLink.

MCP Exam Second-Shot Nears End

Microsoft's exam retake promotion is coming to an end on May 31, which means just a sliver of time remains to take advantage of it.

IT Weekly Roundup, May 13

From the business wires this week: data recovery software for Windows File Systems, a .NET tool for creating application skins, and a near-indestructible tablet PC.

Microsoft Pardons Users of Pirated Windows

Defrauded customers may be eligible for free Windows XP Pro, but with some strings attached.

IT Weekly Roundup, May 6

From the business wires this week: a .NET framework that supports ASP.NET; products and services that reduce your spam intake; and an online service that can help you recover Microsoft Access files.

Eight-way Takes a Body Blow

Beefed-up four-ways and "Truland" take center stage.

Trying to Find a Collaboration Groove

A look at Microsoft's current collaboration technologies and how Groove Networks' Vritual Office fits in.

Microsoft Looks to Yukon for Data Mining Gold

Latest attempt to bring data mining to the masses with SQL Server 2005 hinges on new features, ease-of-use and low cost.

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