January 2005 - Best of the Best

The 2005 Readers' Choice Awards: More than 2,000 readers pick favorites in 42 product categories. Plus: a roundup of IDSes, a look at Microsoft's MOM 2005 and spam's new nemesis, Sender ID.


Users Latch on to SQL Reporting Tool

SQL Server Reporting Services earns solid if not stellar marks from early adopters—and you can't beat the price.

Best of the Best

2005 Redmond Magazine Readers' Choice Survey: Find out how your favorite tool fared as nearly 2,200 readers pick their favorites in more than 40 product categories.

Intrusion Interrupted

We test three software-based intrusion detection systems that can help alert you when you've got barbarians at the gate.

Valid ID Required

Fighting spam requires authenticating e-mail addresses on the fly. Despite igniting a battle of its own, the Microsoft-backed Sender ID spec is shaping up as the best option.


IT Weekly Roundup, Jan. 28

From the business wires this week: a policy compliance solution, Group Policy security and admin tools, and a network protocols handbook.

Microsoft Releases Class Server 4.0

Latest version of educational portal solution is cool for school.

Windows, SBS OEMs Get Competency Exam

Competency exam for Microsoft partners tasked with building Windows-based systems officially debuts Wednesday.

Microsoft Names New MVPs for 2005

Eleventh year of Microsoft MVP program recognizes professionals in eight more countries. Also: Microsoft Office Outlook Live.

IT Weekly Roundup, Jan. 21

From the business wires this week: a solution to launch applications remotely but securely, a remote PC management suite, and more.

New BizTalk Competency Exam Debuts

Exam released at private sales partner summit in Seattle.

CompTIA Lets IT Academy Students Take A+ Exams for $99

Promotion is extension of program that's been available to Cisco Academy students.

IT Weekly Roundup, Jan. 14

From the business wires this week: security tool for finding info holes on Web sites, hosted messaging and collaboration solution and a blazingly fast SATA hard drive.

IT Weekly Roundup, Jan. 7

From the business wires this week: Microsoft's antispyware, Xbox 2, management solutions, developer tools and a portable magneto-optical drive.

When (If Ever) Is SA Right?

Call for Comments: Redmond wants to know what value you place on Software Assurance.

Resist This NT Security Blanket

Microsoft once again extends custom support contract provisions for large NT 4.0 Server users and throws an unintended bone to smaller shops.

For Windows Server, a Busy 2005

Rapid-fire releases to include SP1, x64, R2 and the Longhorn Beta.

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