September 2004 - Use the Right List Control

Select the ASP.NET list control that matches your app's needs, plus leverage the OwnerDraw capabilities of the .NET Framework's GDI+ to create apps with style and substance, building SQL reports quickly, overcoming tab control limitations and more


Choose the Right Tab Control

ASP.NET's Repeater, DataList, and DataGrid controls display data in a tabular format with various features. Learn which control is the best fit for your app.


Overcome Limitations With TabControl

Learn how to customize TabControl components. The author shows you how to fix shortcut keys on TabControl and hide and show TabControl pages.

First Looks

Deploy Any App Anywhere

InstallShield X is a comprehensive and robust installation-authoring tool that supports multiple OSs, development environments, and deployment scenarios.

Database Design

Build SQL Server Reports Quickly

Use the SQL Server Report Designer's wizards for a streamlined solution to setting up, designing, polishing, and publishing reports.

Desktop Developer

Build a Better UI

Use the OwnerDraw capabilities of the Microsoft Windows GDI+ to add gradient colors to controls and ListBox items, add rounded edges to controls, and manage the size and color of ListBox items.

Developer Product Briefs

Navigate Within a Data Collection

Check out the latest VS.NET add-ins, including a RAD WinForms data navigation control for .NET developers.

Editor's Note

Are You a .NET Hero?

Profiling those who show the power of .NET.

Getting Started

Program Mobile Devices

Use the .NET Compact Framework to write an application for sending SMS messages on Bluetooth-enabled Pocket PCs.

Guest Opinion

Ease Development With Code Generation

Developers often avoid code generation because they think their apps are too complicated. But executed properly, code generation can help you implement sophisticated architectures quickly.

Letters from Readers

Trusty Plan Not So Trustworthy

One reader sees fatal flaws in the logic presented in June's Guest Opinion, and fears less discerning readers will run out and start implementing SOA using the untrustworthy plan.

Office 365 Watch

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