September 2004 - 2004 Salary Survey

Salary Stalemate: Our 9th annual survey shows salaries remain flat amid job cuts and the outsourcing boom, but MCPs remain committed. Dig in to find out how you stack up with your peers.


Tame Those Servers Behaving Badly

We test utilities that manage your essential servers and services.

Decisions, Decisions

Windows Terminal Services comes bundled with Windows Server 2003. Citrix costs extra. Here’s why you might consider paying the piper.

Citrix vs. Windows Terminal Services: Learn More

You've read "Decisions, Decisions," now find out more about Citrix and Windows Terminal Services so you can make an informed decision.

You Ask, Ballmer Answers

MCP Magazine readers get a crack at the Microsoft CEO.


Russia is Fourth Country for Windows XP Starter Edition

Microsoft hopes to get the software to PC OEMs in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States by early 2005.

IT Weekly Roundup, Sept. 24

From the business wires this week: manage years of e-mail in one networked storage space; security services to stop malware; more.

True Life Tale: Remote Support at All Hours of the Day

Users who travel expect 24/7 support on the road too.

IT Weekly Roundup, September 17

From the business wires this week: an IT information and community portal opens, and an enterprise recovery manager and SSL VPN appliance for remote access to Citrix apps are released.

Help Desk, Desktop Support Certs Mind-Meld

Microsoft joins two other certification groups in collaborating efforts to promote desktop technician and tech support certifications.

IT Weekly Roundup, September 10

From the business wires this week: Certiport in China, e-mail spam filters, an enterprise reporting solution and a software/intellectual property protection and licensing key to fight piracy.

Springboard Upends the Microsoft Roadmap

Security delays with Windows XP SP2 are causing cascading delays all through Microsoft’s delivery schedule.

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