March 2004 - Build Menus Dynamically

Use inheritance and Reflection to base a WinForms application's behavior on runtime conditions. Plus take advantage of OOP and runtime metadata-based techniques to enable DataSets to perform validations, enhance .NET's controls and classes so they serve you better and much more.


Build Menus Dynamically

Enhance your UIs' flexibility with dynamic coding that uses runtime conditions to determine menu behavior.

First Looks

Transform XML Visually

Visual XSLT 2.0 integrates seamlessly into the VS.NET IDE to provide a powerful environment for developing XML transformations and XPath queries.

Database Design

Use DataSets as Business Objects

Enhance the DataSet class with inheritance and extend its associated XML schema to hook validation checks and custom validation routines into DataSets declaratively.

Developer Product Briefs

Accelerate the Delivery of .NET Apps

Check out a number of .NET add-ins, including one that helps accelerate the deliver of .NET Framework solutions.

Editor's Note

Developers Turn to Blogs

Blogging gives developers (and others) a new way to share information on the Web. Learn more about blogging, as well as FTP's own blogging site.

Getting Started

Augment Default Controls With Inheritance

Visual Studio .NET ships with a nice set of controls and classes to build Windows applications, but with only a little effort, you can augment these controls so they serve you better.

Guest Opinion

It's Time for VB6+

VB.NET is the way of the future, but Microsoft should provide developers with a VB6+ to ease the transition.

Letters from Readers

Defend Against Attacks

Add a couple more techniques to your arsenal of ways to safeguard your password-protected apps from dictionary attacks.

Practical ASP.NET

Simplify Site Updates With Templates

Use a template to create a consistent look and feel for a Web site that doesn't require the end user who updates the site to be a programmer himself.

Office 365 Watch

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