June 2004 - 4 Sub-$1,000 Servers

Plus: Small Business Server 2003, VLANs that VROOM, Group Policy Dos/Donts


Group Policy DOs and DON’Ts

Group policy can make your life as an administrator blissful or stressful. Learn from one expert’s experiences what works with group policies, and what doesn’t.

Add VROOM with VLANs

Virtual LANs are a good way to speed up your network by grouping users and computers into logical, rather than physical, units. Here’s how they work.

SBS 2003: Your Small Business Operating System

As part of the June cover feature, "4 Dirt-Cheap Workgroup Servers," Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 might interest those small and medium businesses.

4 Dirt-Cheap Workgroup Servers Put to the Test

You can buy a lot for $1,000 these days. We test four bargain-basement boxes and tell you what to expect.

Backing Up Small Business Server

As part of the June cover feature, "4 Dirt-Cheap Workgroup Servers," Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 also comes with a Backup Configuration Wizard. Here are two add-on products that offer help.

Book Reviews

Getting to Know Exchange 2003

One thousand pages of pure modern messaging insight

A Rare Look at Windows Storage

If you need to dig into the guts, this book may be for you. Then again, maybe not.

Exam Reviews

70-330 and 70-340: Sweating over Security

These two new exams for developers really put your secure coding expertise to the challenge.

Product Reviews

The Next Wave of Integration

Microsoft’s Services for Unix ties two OS combatants together.

Integrating Windows and Unix Accounts

Vintela eases integration by replacing NIS with AD.

Boswell's Q&A

Stepping Up to Scripting

Admin wants to move up the experience ladder and learn scripting.

Slow Win2K Performance After the Crash

Performance dies on this unnamed admin's Dell server, so Bill helps him trace the problem to driver chaos.

Helping Those Who Help Themselves

Mysterious Exchange migration stopped; issuing a complex password challenge to users that they might actually like.

Bad, Bad, BadMail

How to handle the growing problem that is the BadMail folder.

Dfs vs. FRS

Admin wants to maintain snappy performance with user profiles and home folders with a Windows 2003 network upgrade.

Call Me Certifiable

The Pinocchio Factor

How Microsoft is like the fairy tale.

Certified Mail

Certified Mail: July 2004

Whether you get what you pay for in dirt-cheap servers. Plus, who's eagerly awaiting the next Windows servers? Not these readers.

A Solid Baseline; PowerPoint Melvinisms; Renewal Plan; more

Editor's Desk

Old NT Guys

Where do we go from here?

Mr. Script

Directing Traffic

This script can be altered to read/write any kind of Registry entry.

Security Advisor

Boot-Time Security

Boot-up is a dangerous time for your systems, a time before security policies to protect them may be active. Avoid danger with persistent policies.


Use “Run as” To Secure Administration Tasks

This tool allows you to do various things using different rights/credentials.

Tips and Tricks

Contacts En Masse

Find out how to import Contacts and User Objects into Active Directory, as well as modify batched objects.

Windows Insider

XP SP2--Dedicated To Security

Microsoft’s next Service Pack for Windows XP is almost totally about improved security. And it shows.

Windows Tip Sheet

Principle of Least Authority

Running multiple instances of Run As flies in the face of convention, but it can be done.

But I Don't WANT to Upgrade!

You don't have to upgrade to take advantage of some of Windows 2003 tools.

SUS Without the Space

Control software updates, even for remote workers.


CALL FOR USERS: SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services Implementers

Have you implemented SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services since it became available earlier this year? If so, we’d love to hear about your experiences, both good and bad.

The Weekly IT Roundup, June 24

Among the new releases: new tools to battle spam, TechNet Radio debuts.

Weekly IT Roundup, June 14

New, updated IT software hardware announced on the business wire the week of June 14-18.

True Life Tale: Paging the Help Desk

Quick fix for a computer that has been making buzzing sounds for weeks.

The Weekly Roundup

New, updated IT software hardware announced on the business wire the week of June 7-10.

Call for Users: SharePoint Portal Server 2003

Call for Users: Looking for Office SharePoint Portal Server 2003 implementers with varying opinions.

Citrix’s Access Dreams

Citrix Systems released MetaFrame Access Suite, bundling MetaFrame Presentation Server with three products for managing access to enterprise applications.

True Life Tale: Telepathic Updates

User believe mind readers are hired at the help desk.

Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine to Become REDMOND Magazine

Renamed publication adds veteran IT journalists to staff.

Office 365 Watch

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