January 2004 - Take Control in 2004

Take control: network, users, vendors, career; Microsoft Roadmap; more.


Take Control of Your Vendors

You’ve seen it all when it comes to vendor shenanigans. Here’s how to fight back.

Take Control of Your Career

It’s time to try some new tricks that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Take Control of Your Users

This requires managing expectations, data and the computing experience.

Take Control of Your Security

Here are five things you can do right now— this minute—that will increase security on your networks.

Take Control of Your Network

First, adopt a method and then take inventory.

A Microsoft Roadmap

2003 saw lots of huge releases from Microsoft. While the coming year will be more subdued, you can be sure there’s still a lot on the way from Redmond.

Embracing Windows Server 2003: Moving a Global Firm from Windows NT

The final chapter in this four-part series discusses a global manufacturing firm’s experiences in moving from NT 4.0 to Windows Server 2003, an operation with 10,000 computers worldwide.

Embracing Windows Server 2003: A Cautious, Long-term Migration

Part three of this four-part series describes a Canadian’s firm’s on-going, cautious efforts to evaluate the new platform for its truly mission-critical 24x7 environment.

Embracing Windows Server 2003: Moving 30 Remote Sites Running Windows NT

Part Two of this four-part series profiles an organization with 30 television stations across the country and 2,000-plus employees.

Embracing Windows Server 2003: Tales from Early Adopters

Moving to a major new operating system is always daunting, but for these four companies, the switch to Microsoft’s latest OS was well worth it. In part 1 of this four-part series, a small ISP moved for the speed improvements as well as server consolidation.

Exam Reviews

70-284: Master of Messaging

This exam review jump-starts your study efforts to becoming an expert in Microsoft's newest messaging system.

Product Reviews

PowerQuest to the Rescue

Disk Imaging Tools Bring Systems Back from the Dead.

A Server Room with a View

ELM provides flexible real-time Windows monitoring.

Examining Low-level Network Noise

With Observer 9.0, capturing network traffic was never easier.

Boswell's Q&A

Taking This Discussion Offline

Clearing the air on Windows Server 2003 offline file servers and offline file clients.

Rally 'Round the Tri-Mode Flag

Here's a minor Windows annoyance that Microsoft should send back to development.

Eyes of the World SID

How to find the Everyone group where you might not think to look.

The OU Went That-A-Way

Windows Server 2003's account redirection features are nifty, but remembering that you used them can produce some mysterious problems.

Anti-Virus Annulment

Spear those dead, useless registry keys and values with Reg.exe after a Norton Antivirus failure.

Call Me Certifiable

If Cars Were Like Windows…

New frontiers for certification

Certified Mail

Exchanges; Migration Move; A New Job; Getting SMS Right

Editor's Desk

Grab the Throttle!

Taking control of your environment in 2004

Mr. Script

Build a Better NTFS Converter

Help for working through the steps.

Security Advisor

Separation, No Anxiety

Separation of duties is a good idea in the business world. It’s also a good one in the IT world.

Tips and Tricks

Little-Known Wireless Facts

What you need to know to set up your network.

Windows Insider

The Long and Short of Stub Zones

Stub zones can beef up your DNS infrastructure. Here’s a practical guide to when and how to use them.


Contest! Help Desk Technicians, Be Recognized

Online contest to honor the hard work of the desktop support person.

Have You Been Outsourced or Insourced?

Have you been involved in or affected by an outsourcing initiative at your organization? We want to hear your story.

First MCDST Exam Released

Exam 70-271 made its debut Monday; 70-272 follows next month.

CES 2004: The IT Perspective

Gadgets with IT appeal have begun to infiltrate the ranks of devices at this predominantly consumer show.

CALL FOR USERS: Looking for Exchange 2003 Implementers

Have you already implemented Exchange Server 2003 with some success? Or, are you in the midst of a migration that is/isn't going well? We want to hear your stories.

Messaging Exam Beta Set for Mid-January

Microsoft to release 70-285, Exchange Messaging exam for Jan. 16-22.

Microsoft Partners with Citrix on CCIA

Six Microsoft exams figure into the requirements for Citrix's vaunted, revamped CCIA title.

Microsoft Crashes Anti-Spam Party

See what's been added to the mix.

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