February 2004 - Lock Down

Scripts to secure your enterprise; plus wireless administration tools; disaster recovery scenarios, more.


Unshackled: Wireless Administration

Admin tasks don’t end the moment IT pros step out of the office. These devices and software solutions can keep servers shining, no matter where you are.

Automate Your Security

Many security-related tasks can be tedious—and, therefore, overlooked. Using these 10 scripts can make your life easier, while simultaneously locking down your network.

Longhorn: The Base Operating System

The complex model for Longhorn's base operating system illustrates how Microsoft has organized it, as well as where any piece you're interested in fits into the larger view.

The Mirror Crack’d

This author figured that mirroring his e-mail drive was solid insurance against data loss. That theory was tested to the max when a drive failed.

Indigo: The Longhorn Communications Layer

Indigo is the core for communication in the next generation of Windows, code-named Longhorn. This model of its architecture gives you a good sense of what to expect from it.

Get a Grip on Longhorn

The upcoming Windows version's refactored API and new graphics-presentation model, storage subsystem, and messaging services will bring development opportunities -- and challenges.

Longhorn's Architecture

Longhorn is the next major version of Microsoft's Windows operating system for consumers. These architectural models show how everything fits together.

WinFS: The Longhorn Data Layer

WinFS offers new ways to interact with data that redefine how the operations system offers up data. Check out what's new with a snapshot of its current architecture model.

Storm Stories

It’s a truism in IT that various parts of your network—servers, hard drives, video cards, that mission-critical software program—will grind to a halt eventually. Here we present four disaster-recovery scenarios and how to recover from each.

Build a Longhorn App

Longhorn includes significant changes that will affect developers, from how it handles graphics to how it stores data. Learn how to create a simple Longhorn app.

Avalon: The Longhorn Presentation Layer

Avalon is a core part of Microsoft's presentation layer for its next major version of Windows, code-named Longhorn. Drill down on what it contains in this architecture model.


Display Label Controls Vertically

Take advantage of the GDI+ graphics library to change the orientation of the label controls in an application; also, use Word's spell check from within your .NET application.

Book Reviews

70-291 Help in Excruciating Detail

Syngress' companion book/DVD is aimed at novices and experienced Windows 2003 pros who've set their sights on passing this core MCSA/MCSE exam.

A 70-291 Self Assessment Manual

How well do you know Windows 2003? Enough to pass the 70-291 exam? Assess your knowledge with this book from Sybex.

First Looks

Manage Software Licensing

First look at Desaware's Licensing System.

Product Reviews

Task Scheduling Beyond Windows

ActiveBatch simplifies and fine-tunes automation of tasks.

Distribution Patterns

Imanami’s SmartDL helps manage distribution lists.

Failover That’s Worth a Double-Take

NSI tool offers mirroring, replication and failover.

Boswell's Q&A

Secret Agent Plan

A reader's encrypted files are safe and recoverable if he turned on the Data Recovery Agent.

Exchange 2003 Migration Roadmap

Safely find your way to Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2003.

Active Directory Cleanser

Cull unused or deleted accounts using the LDIFDE tool and some scripting trickery.

WINS-WINS Situation

In one domain where the servers seem to be missing, setting up WINS correctly may be the quick fix.

Call Me Certifiable

The Prime of Life

If you think today’s PC hardware is astounding, stick around for a decade.

Certified Mail

Score cards; Password Workout; MX Records; and the Cool Factor.

Database Design

Manage SharePoint Lists

Use the Lists Web service and CAML to update Windows SharePoint Services' MSDE database.

Developer Product Briefs

Product Listings

Take advantage of a number of VS.NET add-ins, including one that lets you implement and manage temporary links, which are URLs that are active for a limited amount of time and are typically used in software distribution and e-mail campaigns.

Editor's Desk

Free Thinker

Is it time to set your own code of ethics?

Editor's Note

Focus on the Present, Look to the Future

VSM takes an in-depth look at the next version of Microsoft's Windows operating system, but rest assured the magazine's focus remain on the practical, hands-on code and samples.

Getting Started

Build a Simple File Watch App

Learn new features to jazz up your WinForms apps with this month's handy FileWatch utility. FileWatch monitors files and directories for changes, and runs as a task tray icon.

Guest Opinion

Don't Forget the Consumer

Longhorn and DRM offer a lot to digital rights holders and businesses, but what's in it for consumers, the ostensible target for the next version of the operating system?

Letters from Readers

Pros and Cons of SQLXML

Roger Jennings answers a reader who asserts that using the SQLXML interface to provide HTTP access to SQL Server is not appropriate for high-performance, enterprise solutions.

Mr. Script

Scripting Tweaks

This tool creates scripts for tweaking remote systems.

Security Advisor

Psychologically Acceptable Security

Getting user buy-in for security is critical. Using certificate autoenrollment is a way to make it pain-free.

Tips and Tricks

Global Catalog Placement

How the GC plays a role in Active Directory.

Windows Insider

The Magic of RPC over HTTP

If you have the latest and greatest from Microsoft—Windows Server 2003, Outlook 2003 and Exchange 2003—your users can get seamless remote access to e-mail.


Want to Become MCP Magazine Editor-for-a-Day?

Become Editor-for-a-Day and help formulate editorial content for a future issue. Plus, win a free expenses-paid trip to MCP TechMentor!

New Association to Raise Cyber Security Awareness

Security companies form coalition to combat growing threats of cyber- crime, cyber-terrorism.

Gates Shows Off Windows XP Service Pack 2

New security features promise more secure desktops, says Microsoft chairman at RSA Conference 2004.

Developer Exams Spotlight Security

Microsoft plans to beta test two new security-related developer exams April 21 through May 4.

Security Implementer Exam Now Available

Exam counts toward MCSE: Security on Windows Server 2003 track.

CALL FOR USERS: Looking for SMS 2003 Implementers

Have any of you switched to Microsoft's SMS 2003 since it became available in November of 2003? If you've made the move, we want to hear your stories.

Microsoft Offers 30 Percent Off Exams in Latin America

Microsoft Corp. recently announced a 30 percent discount off the price of all its certification exams in South and Central America.

Microsoft Courses Now Available Online

Microsoft makes seven titles targeting Windows 2003 training available via on-demand service.

Desktop Apps Exam Now Live

Exam for testing help desk support skills now available; MCDST also now officially live.

CompTIA Updating Server+

Slated for later this year, updates don't affect MCP candidate plans.

Q&A: Windows Storage Server

Microsoft's Zane Adams recently discussed the growing potential for Windows Storage Server with Senior Editor Keith Ward.

Longhorn Developer Details Released

Microsoft is now releasing more details on how to build Longhorn desktop applications—and pushing developers to crack open the early SDK.

Microsoft Beefs up Online Security Offerings

Perhaps no company in the industry is working harder than Microsoft at making sure the public knows what steps to take to secure its products.

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