December 2004 - You're Fired

Get rid of dead weight systems with our three-part consolidation guide. Plus: Beta Man finds gold in Yukon; remote scripting for SP2; and find out how you can determine your real ROI.


10 Ways to Debunk ROI Claims

Vendors have lots of ways to manipulate ROI data to their advantage, making it seem as if every product is the answer to your IT prayers. Don't believe the hype.

Storage Gets Slim

Forget about low-carb diets. Storage consolidation is the new craze hitting the fat-conscious world.

You're Fired

Ditch your server dead weight: Consolidate to streamline management.

E-Mail Central

Exchange 2003 allows for a more consolidated e-mail architecture. Here's how to pull it off.

New Password Mantra: Go Long

New hacking methods make short passwords unsafe, but Microsoft makes it tough to go long. Her's how to forge an effective policy.


IT Weekly Roundup, Dec. 17

From the business wires this week: anti-spyware solutions, Power over Ethernet media converters, and updated virtual machine software.

New Exams Target Competencies

Microsoft has released several exams aimed not at making MCPs; rather, these ones measure competencies of Microsoft Certified Partner members.

IT Weekly Roundup, Dec. 10

From the business wires this week: a firewall for education networks, a USB fingerprint reader for printing, and a man skates across the U.S. to meet Bill Gates.

Half Off E-Learning Courses Until January

Microsoft offering many Windows 2003 and Exchange e-learning courses at discount for limited time.

IT Weekly Roundup, Dec. 3

From the business wires this week: a Wi-Fi firewall, Web content management solution and more Intel Xeon servers.

Free Online Exam Prep for MCDST

For a limited time, Microsoft is making its online exam preparation clinic for the MCDST exams free for a limited time.

Microsoft's Dominance Under Attack

As 2004 comes to a close, Microsoft faces small but growing threats around the edges of its desktop monopoly.

The Young Turk of Firefox

A Q & A with Blake Ross, lead architect of the Firefox browser.

The Road to Istanbul

Live Communications Server 2005 is barely off the drawing board.

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