September 2003 - Tools for simplifying your AD work

plus network monitoring tools; one consultant's story on a building a server-based network on a shoestring; more.


The 12 Mighty Chores of Active Directory Administration in Depth

Admininstering Active Directory takes some practice. Here are 12 exercises to keep your AD skills limber.

12 Mighty Labors of Active Directory Management

Administering and managing AD encompasses a multitude of activities. Although you can do the job with built-in services and tools, four powerful third-party solutions also want to help.

Active Directory Migration Gets Easier

Microsoft’s recently released Active Directory Migration Tool v2 offers important enhancements over the first version. One of Hewlett-Packard’s top AD experts briefs us on the improvements.

The Treasures of Windows 2000 SP4

Besides amending the EULA to maintain antitrust compliance and adding USB and wireless support, Microsoft rolls up fixes for a slew of performance bugs into its latest service pack.

Attention to Details

These three high-end monitoring tools automate the management of networks with thousands of nodes.

A Wing and a Prayer

Build a server-based network—including a Web site and e-mail—from scratch for $2,000? For this consultant, that required resourcefulness and some “outside” help.


Free MCSD Exam Voucher Offer Deadline Looms

Voucher giveaway for free attempt at 70-300 Analyzing .NET Requirements exam ends Sept. 30.

CERT: Watching the Internet

The nation's IT infrastructure remains safe, thanks in part to the efforts of Carnegie Mellon's Computer Emergency Response Team.

Cert Group Q&A: Making Progress on Program Improvements

Microsoft's certification group faces its fans and critics, offering insights into the latest program changes.

TechMentor Attendees Bask in Newfound Expertise

Hundreds of Windows IT professionals descended upon sunny San Diego Tuesday for the bi-annual TechMentor conference, put on by Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine.

Small Business Server Gets First Exam

Microsoft will shortly be releasing the first exam for people who want to prove their expertise in Small Business Server 2003.

Three More MCSE-Windows 2003 Exams Debut This Week

Two more exams for the Core Exams: Networking Systems portion of Windows 2003 credential, as well as an upgrade exam, go live Thursday.

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