January 2003 - Microsoft's Plans for the Future

IPv6; Group Policy Management; Groupwise-to-Exchange Migration; Software, Hardware Reviews Galore; more.


Changing Addresses

Not too long ago, there were real fears that we’d run out of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses for our networks. That’s not likely to happen with IPv6.

Policy Management Made Easy

Figuring out what group policies apply to an object on your Windows 2000 network can be a painstaking process; but Windows .NET’s Resultant Set of Policies feature promises simplification.

Keep Your Migration From Heading South

If you’re planning on migrating users from GroupWise to Exchange, consider the Exchange Migration Wizard as a free alternative to expensive third-party options.

Rip-Curl Redmond: Microsoft's Plans for the Future

Microsoft rules when it comes to monitoring conditions in tech. Yet, to surf the same waters, you need to read wave action—and Microsoft’s next moves—accurately, too.

Book Reviews

MetaFrame XP Soup to Nuts

Configuring MetaFrame XP For Windows is chockfull of real-world information.

Exam Reviews

70-214: Security Workhorse

This exam measures your abilities with baseline security, service packs and updates, securing communication channels, authentication and more.

Product Reviews

Quick Look: VersionOne

Project management, .NET-style.

DevPartner Debugger for Oracle Visual Studio Edition

Smoothing the lines between Visual Studio and Oracle.

SilkPerformer 5.1

Load test your projects under near-realistic conditions.

Total .NET SourceBook

The mother of all Visual Studio code libraries.

C# Refactory

Here's a way to recode objects in many ways without losing your place.


Analytics simplified and cubed.

DevPartner Studio for Visual Studio .NET

Scale up your efforts to debug and monitor enterprise projects.

Control Right Out of the Box

Panda Antivirus Enterprise Suite keeps those viruses at bay.

Mental Exercise

RouterSim's MCSE WindowSim can help you pump up your IT muscles.

Training on the Go

Transcender's TransTrainer provides a worthy alternative to busy professionals.

Getting Through the Maze

Active Administrator simplifies Group Policy management.

The Master Automator

Automate tasks with OpalisRobot 4.04.

Call Me Certifiable

7 Things to Like About Microsoft

In which Ms. Pea takes a break from Redmond-bashing.

Certified Mail

Certified Mail: Jan. 2003

DBA vs. programmer; thumbs down on the new look; one-page résumés.

Drill Down

Getting Thin

Wyse Winterm can help you shed those extra pounds.

Editor's Desk

Chill, People

Is Microsoft making the right decisions with its cert program in regards to .NET? Well, consider how other companies change their exams to address a significant technology shift.

Mr. Script


What better way to kick off a new year than with a cool new tool?

Professionally Speaking

Personnel Problems

Job termination may seem like the end of the world, but it's not. To get you back on track, step back and assess what went wrong.

Security Advisor

Palladium: Blessing or Curse?

Microsoft is touting its next-generation secure computing infrastructure as a giant leap for mankind. Not everyone agrees.

Windows Foundation

Peer into the Portal

Now that you have an idea what SharePoint Portal Server can do, here's how to implement it and get users into collaboration mode.

Windows Insider

Installation Automation

Installing a server is usually boring and time-consuming. Using scripts may not alleviate the boredom, but it will free you up for more interesting tasks.


Security Exam Hits Streets This Week

Microsoft on Wednesday will release Exam 70-214, Implementing Security. The exam is an elective for the the MCSE on Windows 2000 and MCSA on Windows 2000 tracks.

Windows Server 2003 Delayed

The general release of Microsoft’s Windows Server 2003 has been pushed back until at least April and could easily slip past that timeframe.

Field Certification Program Strives for Acceptance

The influx of “paper MCSEs” has led many to call for some type of hands-on testing component. The Field Certified Professional Association tries to address that.

Office 365 Watch

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