November 2001 - Tough Training—Boot Camp-Style

Inside an MCSE boot camp. Plus: Win2K backup software reviewed; administering Active Directory; Windows XP from the ground up.


Delegate! Passing Administrative Control with Active Directory

One of Active Directory’s coolest features is the ability to delegate administration in an extremely granular way. This guide shows you how.

Administrators, Start Your Backup Engines ...

The latest in backup software handles the complexity of Windows 2000.

Extreme Education

If you're going to put out the time and money to take a technical course, make sure you do the learning job right.

Vets in Training

Schools, training centers, and other organizations are working with the VA to help U.S. veterans get the necessary tools you need to become active in the IT workforce.

Choosing the Right Backup Tape

With the drop in hard drive prices, many system administrators are faced with more data to back up than before.

IT Schools: Readers Weigh In

Readers speak up to tell us about their training experiences—the good and the bad.

Tough Training -- Boot Camp-style

Going to a boot camp is one way to get Windows 2000-certified. But is that the best way? An MCP Magazine editor does the computer equivalent of Parris Island and reports from the front lines.

Book Reviews

Quick Look: OLE DB Consumer Templates, A Programmer's Guide

If you program with OLE DB this is a great reference.

Quick Look: PKI: Implementing and Managing E-Security

A "must have" book for any one interested in learning about PKI or the Information Security professional serious about securing transactions on the Internet.

DNS for the Win2K Administrator

A magnificent guide to a challenging subject.

Quick Look: Understanding Microsoft Windows 2000 Distributed Services

An excellent starting point for managers and developers who want the basics on distributed services

Product Reviews

iPrism Filters the Internet

Decrease your worries by implementing the iPrism Internet filtering device to control where your Internet users can and cannot go.

Administrators, Start Your Backup Engines...: Legato Networker 6.1

The latest in backup software handles the complexity of Windows 2000.

Administrators, Start Your Backup Engines...: BackUp Exec 8.6

The latest in backup software handles the complexity of Windows 2000.

Keep an Eye on Your Network

Network Analysis with Network Instruments’ Observer 7.1

Administrators, Start Your Backup Engines...: ARCserve 2000

The latest in backup software handles the complexity of Windows 2000.

Preview: LanUtil 5.1

New version will include Oracle 8 support and Package Policy Manager.

Protection from Hard Disk Disasters

Prepare for hard disk disasters before they happen.

Administrators, Start Your Backup Engines...: Ultrabac 6.3

The latest in backup software handles the complexity of Windows 2000.

Call Me Certifiable

Talkin' Turkey

Not much in the mood to be grateful this year, Auntie sounds off about things for which she’s not so thankful.

Certified Mail

Certified Mail: December 2001

Disputing death, deputies of morality, and what's up with the MCSD.

Drill Down

Net Gains

Can a Web-only exam-prep product get you ready for the Windows 2000 tests? The answer here is "yes."

Editor's Desk

A Different Future

Fate always has its finger in our lives, doesn’t it?

Mr. Script

Behold the Power!

Object-oriented programming with Windows Script Components can keep you from having to reinvent the wheel—and there are some cool bells and whistles, to boot!

Professionally Speaking

The Next Big Certification Thing

When it comes to the next step in your certification, look at what you like to do and how you can go about learning it, rather than what may be the next hot certification.

Security Advisor

Thwarting Party Crashers

Nobody likes uninvited guests—and when they invade your online conferences, the consequences can be deadly. Exchange Conferencing Server can help you keep the riff-raff at bay.

Windows Foundation

XP: From the Ground Up

Your Win2K Pro-savvy will give you a head-start on implementing Windows XP. Let's start with the installation.

Windows Insider

COMmon Ground

With its central interface, Microsoft Management Console makes managing administrative tools a “snap.”


Live in November: Highly Available Web Solutions Exam

IT experts who maintain Web applications using Application Center 2000 will be able to test their AppCenter savvy beginning Nov. 27, 2001.

MCSE on Win2K for MCT 2002 Deadline Extended

Microsoft has extended the Dec. 31, 2001 deadline for MCTs to achieve a premium certification to May 1, 2002, based on requests from MCTs and Microsoft CTECs.

Exams Confirmed for Developer Certifications

Microsoft acknowledges tidbits of information on three new developer exams at Professional Developer Conference in Los Angeles.

Windows XP Makes Official Debut

Live from New York, it's Bill Gates and Windows XP.

Microsoft Rewrites Exam Policy

Microsoft's certification and skills assessment group rewrites exam policy, allowing MCSE on Windows 2000 candidates to count formerly retired exams as valid electives.

Guess The Number!

Enter MCP Magazine’s “Guess-The-Number-Of-MCSEs” contest, and you could win seven exam vouchers to achieve your next certification!

Blackcomb Delays Expected

ENTmag.com: Gartner predicts follow-up to Windows .NET Server may arrive on shelves after 2003.

Code Red: Blessing in Disguise?

The Code Red virus, which did a Tony Soprano on Microsoft Internet Server boxes around the world, may actually end up doing more good than harm.

Windows XP Exam Goes Live

First exam for newest operating system now available.

Outcry Spurs Changes in Activation Procedure

Microsoft rethinks Windows Activation Procedure feature in Windows XP.

Office 365 Watch

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